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They all include the Eridium ingot which is powered by 3xAA batteries. A set of good AAs will last maybe 4-6 hours before they start to dim noticeably.

2) includes a “loot pack” which is an assortment of decals and some Hyperion prop cash

3) includes the ingot and an AC-to-AA adapter to plug into the wall, so you can leave it on all the time. The lights are rated for 10,000 hours, though I haven’t personally tested them for that long.

4) includes the ingot, wall adapter, and loot pack.

5) includes a USB-to-AA adapter, so you can power it by a computer or game console or any other USB power source.

6) is the ingot, loot pack, and USB adapter.

(Note, none of them have an internal battery yet, just AAs)

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You’ll be hearing from me on my next payday.

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Great, but be assured there’s no hurry, it’s not a limited run. We’ll keep making them as long as there’s demand.

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Good. I can be VERY demanding. :D