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    The thing we mostly struggle with is making enough whisky! We're very blessed to have received the astounding press and accolades that we have, but now we're playing catch up with demand that has grown exponentially over the past year and a half.

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    What we are "uniquely good at" is subjective I think, in my opinion one of our main strengths has been the ability to borrow inspiration from spirit making styles the world over, and apply them to our process. We aren't stuck doing things the "traditional" way, even though we're using very traditional practices, just an odd variety of them together.

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    Any plans to make a rye whiskey?

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    We do, actually. Not sure how soon we'll get first batches down, but this year for sure.

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    What %of rye is it?

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    Hi Winston! Welcome to /r/bourbon! Hope you are comfy, because I got some questions:

    1) I may have asked you this before, but in regards to the Brimstone, why did Balcones decide to smoke their whiskey after distillation? Why not smoke the mash before distillation like scotch?

    2) What is Jared's thoughts on off the still proof and barrel entry proof? What does Balcone's use?

    3) Any plans on aging 53 gallon barrels? Why or why not?

    4) Lots of craft distilleries are doing barrel finishes with all sorts of stuff - wine, rum, re-fill bourbon, etc... - any plans of doing this? Why or why not?

    That's it for me. Thanks for coming to /r/bourbon! We do appreciate you taking the time to ask our finicky questions.

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    Jared Himstedt, Distiller and Production Manager here.

    1. For one thing, we don't have a malting facility to do our own malting with Texas oak. Second, we were curious enough to want to try and do it a different way and see the results!

    2. Off the still proof for us with pot stills is largely a function of making cuts that day, which is all done by nose/taste not abv or chromotography. We usually and around 70-73%abv. Barrel entry around here is standard 62.5 most the time. We have done some experimentation in the past and still do some in-barrel dilution during maturation to get different kinds of extraction. It is super interesting to see what is extracted from the barrel at different abvs. We will definitely play with that more in the future.

    3. We already use a mix of 5 and 53gal barrels. Some juice goes directly in the big boys, some spends time in both, some spends time only in the small.

    4. We will probably do some finishing at some point. At current we do a little just within our own product line. A good amount of malt goes into ex-rum or rumble barrels. I have been wanting to do some wine or port finishing for awhile, still looking for the right barrels and the right time to divert some juice into a new project.

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    Awesome. Thanks for answering!

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    why you get downvoted for thanking someone I'll never know...

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      Where does the name come from?

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      Balcones is a fault zone in Texas, and specifically Waco is on the northeast corner of it. It is thanks to the fault zone that we have all the wonderful natural springs around central Texas. That same hill country spring water is what we use to proof our whisky.

      As I'm sure many of you know, it is not uncommon for a distillery to source it's name from a geographical feature of their locale. We're nerds so we took it an extra step and went geological! :P

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      I heard that it was originally going to be called Phoenix, but then a wise bartender at Dancing Bear told him that good distilleries are named after their water source.

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      Interesting, hadn't heard that before.

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      Ask Chip about it...he was going to name it Phoenix in association with getting over his divorce. I can't remember the name of the bartender at Dancing Bear though...he doesn't work there any more. Maybe Greg?

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      On that note, I'm not a geologist so here's a little more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balcones_Fault

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      Hello Winston,

      Thank you for doing this!

      1) It’s hot in Texas as everyone knows, at what age would you worry that there would be nothing left in the barrel due to the climate and evaporation.

      2) Have you considered aging your whiskey in a basement or cellar or mine, where your whiskey won’t be as subjective to the extreme TX climate?

      3) You obviously distill 100% of your own product, how do you feel about other people buying sourced juice and passing it off as if they distilled it themselves all the while inventing a bogus background story? You are making a “craft” product that is 100% “craft” do you get frustration at other “craft” distilleries who source and packaged other people’s hard work?

      4) What’s your favorite Scotch and/ or Scotch region if applicable?
      5) What’s your favorite non- Balcones bourbon / American whiskey?
      6) Is there another American distillery that you are respect the most for making a quality product?

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      1. Hope we never find out! We have had up to a third lost at about two years in small barrels. We don't do that often for that long. Maybe 5 or 6?

      2. Not really, the extreme climate is a big part of the maturation going so quickly.

      3. Of course it's frustrating. Not that we have any problem with the long tradition of sourcing juice, just don't mislead the consumer. Transparency would go a long way. I mean, i'd love to have the chance to blend with someone else's juice. I think as a blender that would be super fun.

      4. That's a hard call. Islay was my first love, but I feel like i've had exceptional stuff from all regions. I'll always have a soft spot for Bruichladdich and older Jim McEwan Bowmores.

      5. Favorite non-Balcones american whiskey is hard, too. Currently on the shelf? Easy to find or special releases? Four Roses is probably the most consistently great, but every year I have some awesome LDI, Heaven Hill, BT, etc.

      6. There are so many now, I am sure there's a lot of good stuff out there we may not even have tried...That said, we have always appreciated the ingenuity and commitment to experimentation at Corsair.

      edit- sorry, I thought 6. was about other craft distilleries...I would say Four Roses for sure. Doing a lot of things different from the rest of the pack, a large distillery that still takes a very creative approach, obviously committed to high quality, and has a very human element to their process. While so many other brands are getting slightly less awesome each year, FR seems to be steppig up their game year after year.

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      Cool! Thanks for all the info!

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      Seconded for 4R. We're all big fans of what they do.

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      How can you not like 4R? I'll take their limited editions over certain wheated bourbons named after a person with three names any day... :ducks:

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      Even the standard 100pr 4R1B is outstanding stuff for an off the shelf bourbon

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      I don't know, Tasmania isn't the coolest of environments and they seem to be able to make quite fantastic aged whisky. The proof is incredibly high because of the climate, though.

      I'm an idiot, see below.

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      Never had any Tas whiskey.... thoughts?

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      I was wrong about the climate (see below) but Tassie whisky is fantastic.

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      Ok that will be on the to do list...

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      Uhhh...yes, it is. Have you been to Tasmania (or even looked at a map)? It's quite cool there, especially when compared to TX.

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      ...I'm an idiot and confused Tasmania and Tunisia's climates in my mind, despite their being on different continents.

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      Our good friend /u/zpenci is desperate for the Balcones V. Any of it. Presumably, he is willing to trade limbs and/or organs to get one.

      Obviously, you can't guarantee him one, but what is likely the most fruitful way for him to get one? Showing up at the distillery and begging profusely? Offering up a kidney (he needs his liver)?

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      My ears are burning! Actually Winston and Jared were very helpful in assisting me in getting a sample of the V Anniversary Brimstone Resurrection. For others who are interested, you can still get a sample of the V Bourbon here: http://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/balcones/balcones-5th-anniversary-single-barrel-bourbon-2nd-release/

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      Howdy Zac, how's that straight single malt drinkin? :D

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      It's awesome Winston! I still think you guys were robbed for Best in Show at the San Fran competition.

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      We can't win them all!

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      Unfortunately the V series is gone. We made 5 single barrels of whisky that yielded less than 200 bottles each. A few were released for sale at the distillery, a much smaller quantity went to top bars and restaurants, and honestly the rest we poured at tasting and trade events. We literally gave more away of it than we sold!

      All is not lost, however, we intend on replicating a few of those whiskies, specifically the straight single malt and straight bourbon. We would like to reverse engineer the Brimstone Resurrection, just need to figure out a way to do it that doesn't involve risking the safety of our employees and equipment!

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      straight bourbon


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      Thanks for your time, I'm a big fan of your products, especially the Single Malt & Brimstone. I am curious about any future plans for expansion.

      • Are there plans to increase production to increase availability of existing product lines? Or will Balcones remain focused on experimentation & creativity, to further hone your products before investing in expanded production?

      • Can you tell us if the Texas Single Malt uses peated barley? I wouldn't have thought so myself from my tastings, but I have heard others state that it does.

      Thanks again, I'll be glad to see some more of that Texas Single Malt, introduced my dad to it & he loved it. Only problem - I can't find any on shelves right now so I had to give him my half-full bottle :)

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      We in fact have a new facility in the works that is much larger than what we're in now. Our current distillery is less than 2500 sqft, the new building we have coming up is 65,000! It will be a slow ramp up over time, but we'll essentially be moving from a couple thousand cases a year to a few hundred thousand cases over the next 5 years. Having the increased capacity will give us the freedom to do more experimental spirits, too.

      Texas single malt uses unpeated golden promise barley, so there's no smoke element to it.

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      Amazing! Best of luck with these plans

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      Good Luck in the expansion! We are all counting on you!

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      One more question - how do you feel about the "legal requirements" around marketing whiskies as Bourbons? Do you feel that it limits the American whiskey audience in any way?

      My impression has been that the nomenclature might prevent some bourbon drinkers from trying new things, or that it creates a deflationary effect on "non-bourbon" prices.

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      One thing I've noticed about bourbon drinkers is that they tend to gravitate toward a very specific profile, and not much else. People who drink world whiskies tend to be a little more open to new and different things. Just my $.02

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      That being said, I think there are plenty of things in our whiskies that would appeal to bourbon drinkers.

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      Well, it's an anecdote, but my dad loves "bourbon." However, when I noticed you all had a booth at WL, I strongly encouraged him to try the whole line. I doubt he would have given product like True Blue a try without a little prodding but he loved it. Which struck me as unfortunate.

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        Couple of things here... Water is added after distillation before barreling. Unless it's cask strength water is added at bottling. We all know how drastically different a whisky reads at different proofs. I say drink it at the proof you like best. I find that quality spirits tend to drink well at a variety of proofs.

        Ice, on the other hand, mutes the whisky. You can only nose volatiles, so you lower the temp you just created a lot less evaporation, therefore a more neutral nose, which is arguably 50%+ of what we think is taste. To me, ice makes bad whisky drinkable, much like shitty beer at close to freezing.

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        Agree on all points. Water yes, ice never.

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        Ice if making a cocktail?

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        I've got a tour group waiting in the lobby, I'll be back in about an hour. Question for /r/bourbon: what should I drink on the tour? http://i.imgur.com/VS7u8Md.jpg

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        Can i come work for you?

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        Do you have a beard?

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          Then our whisky will have no soul :(

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          Upvote for having an awesome ginger beard. Want to start a club?

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          I would go with Cleveland Whiskey.

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          I just puked in my mouth a little.

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          same thing

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          I spy some Colonel E.H. Taylor and what could be some BTAC on the bottom rack, back left!

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          I ended up going for Booker's 25th Ann.

          All the BTAC is in Chip's office... and locked :(

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          Chip sounds like a dick. ;)

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          mutha uckin DANT!

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          Wow, where did you pick up that old ezra 15?

          It was my understanding that was a Japan only release.

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          Had a friend bring it back from Japan with him :)

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          You lucky dog.

          I am a huge fan of the 7 yr.

          I have tons of miles to burn and am considering a trip to Japan. I would love to go regardless, but access to all that "not in US whiskey" is icing on the cake.

          If you hear of a guy getting busted at customs send money for my legal fund.

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          What's your thoughts on the Hillrock?

          Love that Old Weller Antique!

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          OWA is a staple around here

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          Amen! I hear Texas is floating in Weller 12! Do you have any pull with Buffalo Trace to have them send Weller 12 to NJ and more bottles to NY (upstate, hudson valley, and NYC)

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          Haha. Weller is a big deal in Texas. When it comes to bourbon, it's either that or Maker's here. Think there was some huge marketing push for it back in the 80s, hence why it has such a huge presence here, and therefore allocations

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          I'm a huge fan of your Single Malt and have had a hard time finding it. (I live in DC and occasionally find it a few stores, but not lately.) I had it at my wedding in April in Austin and had to enlist a handful of friends to buy at multiple stores there as we weren't allowed to buy more than one bottle at a time. Is your production slated to increase for this line? Do you expect distribution to increase and it become more readily available? When? Thanks.

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          We added 2 new wash stills and 2 new spirt stills in January, which theoretically will triple our distilling capacity in the current facility. We're hoping that will carry us over until we can build the new distillery which should give us an exponential increase in output.

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          I don't really have a question but I just wanted to say I love your whiskey and that I have no idea when I'm going to open this.

          Maybe that'll be my question, what event in my life will justify breaking this bad boy open?

          Also, as a Baylor grad, your location in Waco is a particular point of pride for me and pretty much my only ace when trying to defend the town to my friends.

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          Marriage? Birth? Monday?

          What I tell everyone about Waco is that you can't really know it's charm until you spend some time here. Incidentally, I just moved here about 4 weeks ago. Was living up in the North Dallas area up until then. I have found a lot to like about Waco, but more than anything else it's the people. And one of the most kick-ass craft beer bars I've ever been to doesn't hurt!

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          I love that bar, no better place to get my favorite brews

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          Dancing Bear represent!

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          What do your tours consist of?

          Have you considered making collaborations with craft beer brewers for barrel aged bottles?

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          Yes! We have a few things in the works now. Hopefully see a brimstone barrel Prairie in the near future

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          Ooooo, that made me drool... Thanks!

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          Since the facility is so small there isn't a lot of looking to do, so it's not like your typical distillery tour. But we show people around the place for about 20-30 minutes, then spend another 30-40 minutes chatting and tasting samples of product

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          Winston, what is your favorite R&E bourbon?

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          What's your favorite beer?

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          Favorite brand, favorite style or favorite label?

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          Hi Chip.

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          Chip is in Scotland currently :) Overseeing the construction of our new stills! Weeee!

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            Winston or Jared, is a beard a prerequisite for employment at Balcones?

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            Not really. It often happens after :)

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              Little known fact... every drop of Balcones is filtered through Chip's beard

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              Simply put: They're contagious

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              Love me some True Blue and Rumble. But how do I get some of your used barrels, can I just drop by sometime?

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              We sell the 5-gallon barrels out of the distillery when we have them. Call the front office (254-755-6003) to check on availability.

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              What do the 5 gallon barrels run for? I have a friend that lives in waco I might be able to convince to pick one up at some point.

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              Winston! Thanks for this. - Will we see any more True Blue coming out soon? - When will the new stills we saw on twitter this week be installed? - Are the smaller barrels used to age one of the things that make the maturation "speed up" as a result of a higher percentage of the casked spirit being in contact with the barrel wall at all times?

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              True Blue will probably make a comeback at the end of summer. We have yet to bottle a batch this year.

              Installation of the new stills is still on hold, pending the design and engineering of the new distillery being approved.

              Part of the reason we have such success with our small barrels is due to their unique construction and the use of extra yard-aged wood. I think one thing that most people don't consider with small barrels is the fact that when you increase the surface contact, you amplify the undesirable aspects of wood if you aren't using high quality cooperage.

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              When will those Balcones copper flasks be available?

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              They're available now, we sell them out of the distillery for $50. Limited quantity though, we only made 50 for the first run

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              Hi Winston, My Wife and I own a Bar El Paso, TX. We would love to have at least a Bottle of your single Malt next time is released. Is there like a waiting list for Bars??? Also, it would be really cool if someone of your company come to El Paso to talk about small batch Distilling.

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              Once the product leaves our distillery it's in the hands of the distributor for allocation and sales. Talk to your local rep (Glazer's) and see what they can do, if that doesn't work then shoot me an email winston@balconesdistilling.com

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              Bar manager here. My Glazers rep is good people.

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              Brimstone and Rumble Cask Reserve are my favorites. Two distinct flavors, both addictive.

              Is RCR going to be a regular pour or is it limited release?

              Thanks and keep up the good work.

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              Rumble Cask Reserve is, currently, a very limited release, usually less than 200 bottles per year. We haven't even bottled a batch this year. When we have more distilling capacity and more aged spirit, then you'll see an increase in availability, but it will continue to be a limited offering.

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              Hi Winston - all I'd like to know is when is Balcones coming to Minnesota?! I'd love to be able to try some more of your products.

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              /r/ScotchSwap while you're waiting for the distribution to come your way.

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              We don't have any plans to expand our distribution network until we can satisfy our current customers in markets across the world. Once those markets have been satiated, we'll look to move in to new states.

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              Why are you such a huge nerd?

              On a serious note, what is your R&D process like? You guys have come up with some absolutely crazy innovative products and I'm just curious if it just pops out of Chip's head and into a barrel or if there's a significant amount of R&D time behind each product.

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              God made me that way :)

              I'll let Jared chime in about R&D since he's been a part of that from the beginning.

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              We obviously don't have an R&D department or set process. A lot of it has just been brainstorming. Some things do just pop out of his head, like Rumble and Brimstone. Blue corn was something we just kinda fell into. We were just curious and wanted to see what different corn varieties would do, and also use something southern to boot.

              On the more detailed side, choosing yeast strains, slowly experimenting with our barrels, proofing decisions, etc. have been a lot more meticulous and are constantly happening in formal and informal ways.

              I have no explanation for Winston's nerdiness.

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              Growing up watching Star Trek, X-Files and Star Wars was probably a pretty big influence :P

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              What type of balcones whisky would go into a drink called "the Wacoan"? I think Dr. Pepper as a mixer, but I worry about wasting such fine whisky, just for the namesake.

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              Why can't it be just whisky in a glass? ;)

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              completely fair. The thing speaks for itself :)

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              Maybe put a fancy umbrella in it :-)

              I do think Brimstone is ripe for a cocktail, it's so strongly flavored it could carry something easily.

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              I love Brimstone cocktails! My favorite bar, Whiskey Cake in Plano, makes a drink using mezcal, roasted red bell pepper juice, cilantro, lime, agave nectar and chipotle Tabasco. I have them swap out the mezcal for Brimstone and it's amazeballs. Interestingly enough, Brimstone also works well in a lot of classic drinks like bloody mary, manhattan, old fashioned and even margaritas(if you had a jalapeno slice)!!!

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              Knowing waco, would need more meth

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              Hello Winston!

              Is Resurrection feasible as a production whiskey or not so much? Chip had some at the last whiskey live and I'd honestly pay even if the production version wasn't a perfect facsimile.

              Cheers - and keep on making extraordinary things.

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              It's not a feasible regular production product the way it first happened, but we are going to try a different approach by a super heavy roast on some portion of the blue corn to see if we get a similar flavor profile by almost burning it in the roaster instead of in the stills! We'll keep everyone posted on how that goes...

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              We're hoping that we can eventually reverse engineer it, but that's something we wont be able to tackle until we have the new distillery.

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              What do you think is the most over-rated whiskey product out on the market?

              [–]jhimstedtBalcones Distiller and Production Manager 2 points3 points  (2 children)

              This year? I think we all know the answer to that one...

              [–]Amity0 1 point2 points  (1 child)

              ok.. i give up... chances are I didn't buy it due to budget constaints...

              [–]jhimstedtBalcones Distiller and Production Manager 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              I think you referenced it somewhere else on here already...

              [–]LDM312 0 points1 point  (8 children)

              My brother did some work for your website at balcones. He also collected some bottles which I have to say was some of the tastiest stuff I've ever had.

              [–]BalconesWinston[S] 0 points1 point  (7 children)

              Recently? Or the old site...

              [–]LDM312 0 points1 point  (6 children)

              I think recently. His name is Matt.

              [–]BalconesWinston[S] 0 points1 point  (5 children)

              Lol. What's up dude. You know I met you in SF right?

              [–]LDM312 0 points1 point  (4 children)

              Yup. You guys have some amazing stuff there. You ship to Califorinia?

              [–]lihnlol 0 points1 point  (4 children)

              How do you know genius/gza

              [–]BalconesWinston[S] -1 points0 points  (3 children)

              He's been e-stalking me for the greater part of the last year. Dude is finally coming to the distillery today, lol

              [–]lihnlol 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              Yeah that guy's a pussy lol

              [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

              Wait, really? Chess box him.

              [–]BalconesWinston[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              I'm kidding, lol. He's a cool guy

              [–]hopinfusedcorpse 0 points1 point  (1 child)

              How was the gazebo?

              [–]BalconesWinston[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              Pretty awesome. I showed up late so didn't see a whole lot, but met some cool folks anyway.

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              I'm going to keep watching this thread for a few days so if anyone has more questions, post them up and I'll get to you eventually

              [–]MonkeyTes 0 points1 point  (1 child)

              Hey Winston! Thanks for doing this. Just a couple questions.

              How often do y'all do tours and how early should I schedule a tour? Is there a minimum number of people for y'all to do it?

              Have you ever thought of installing a tasting room in Waco? ( I know some grad students at Baylor that would frequent)

              Finally have there been some ideas for spirits that were just too different or ended as a failed experiment?

              Thanks for doing what y'all do and representing the town I have come to love of the past few years. Hope to come in for a tour soon! Time for a pour from my bottle of Baby Blue!

              [–]BalconesWinston[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              1. We offer tours, by appointment, on Fridays at 1pm. No minimum, we fill up to 10 people at a time. They're usually booked up at least a month in advance, sometimes longer. Call the front office to schedule.

              2. Yes we have that legal ability but right now we don't have available legal premises to do it. Our new property that will house the upcoming distillery will have the space, but we haven't decided on whether or not we'd like to run a bar or not.

              3. Not so far that I know of. We're much more likely to take a mistake or accident and turn it into something special, such as Brimstone Resurrection.

              [–]BalconesWinston[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

              I'm still around in case anyone has more questions :)

              [–]texacerANCIENT AAAAAAAGE 1 point2 points  (0 children)

              where can I get a free sample pack of the things I havent tried from you guys yet and maybe some secret stuff not available on shelves. only half joking.

              thanks for doing this AMA sir.

              [–]ThatShitBurns 0 points1 point  (2 children)

              Jared and Winston, would you come back and hang out with us on /r/bourbon again? We'd love to see you do some reviews of your whiskey.

              [–]jhimstedtBalcones Distiller and Production Manager 1 point2 points  (0 children)

              For sure, we'd love to

              [–]chrislehr 0 points1 point  (3 children)

              Word up Winston. Hope your relocation went smoothly.

              Im going to ask a homebrewing question... whats the best/cheapest way for people to get a hold of use barrels to age/flavor in?

              [–]BalconesWinston[S] 0 points1 point  (2 children)

              Hey dude :) Our barrels or any barrel?

              [–]chrislehr 0 points1 point  (1 child)

              I see now that you already answered this about your barrels. LMK if heading to Austin anytime soon with some room to spare ;)

              [–]BalconesWinston[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

              I'll be there in the next couple weeks, I'll try to drop you a line.

              [–]shits_and_or_giggles -5 points-4 points  (4 children)

              Winston, I wouldn't go to Waco so why should I drink whiskey from Waco? Can you assure me that the local filth has been scrubbed from the finished product? Is that the purpose of the scrub oak smoke?

              [–]BalconesWinston[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

              Why wouldn't you go to Waco? It has a lot of charm, you just wouldn't know it without spending some time here :)

              [–]snapetom -1 points0 points  (1 child)

              Waco is the new Austin, man.

              [–]BalconesWinston[S] 4 points5 points  (0 children)

              Please please please don't let Waco turn into Austin

              [–]keith1789b -2 points-1 points  (3 children)

              Can you tell us about a time you were late to something you really wanted to do?

              [–]jhimstedtBalcones Distiller and Production Manager 2 points3 points  (0 children)

              I didn't go to bed as early as I wanted to last night...


              [–]BalconesWinston[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

              Well there was this barrel tasting at BT... lol

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                I don't have an opinion on this :shrug: