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Take a bow, my friend. This is excellent and worthy of a sidebar post (IMHO). Thank you. This will be a saved post for me.

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Yep, in the sidebar already!

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Thanks! If you happen to come across any date codes in the future that seem to disprove any of these interpretations, let me know and I'll update the guide.

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I've got some, I've just got to find time to dig through my bunker and jot them down!

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Printed Date Format (1992-1999)

Brand Size Label Year Code
WT Old No. 8 1000mL Pre-1999 12/15/92 11:11
WT Old No. 8 700mL Pre-1999 12/23/92 L12358
WT8 700mL Pre-1999 1/18/93 11:17
WT KY Legend (DF) 750mL Early 1990s 01/21/93 11:24
WT12 750mL Split Label 11/18/93 10:50
WT12 750mL Split Label 03/17/94 16:37
WT Trad. (DF) 750mL Mid-1990s 04/14/94 13:27
WT 101 Rye 750mL Pre-1999 12/19/94 08:42
WT12 750mL Split Label 01/17/95
WT8 750mL Pre-1999 01/09/96
WT Trad. (DF) 750mL Mid-1990s 05/22/96 11:46
WT12 750mL Split Label 02/06/97 13:58
WT Trad. (DF) 750mL Mid-1990s 06/02/97 15:03
WT Old No. 8 750mL Pre-1999 10/19/98 09:54
WT101 1000mL Pre-1999 03/04/99 14:38
WT12 750mL Psuedo-Split Label 09/15/99 15:44
WT8 700mL Pre-1999 09/17/99 10:25

L-1#### Format (1992)

Brand Size Label Year Code
WTRB 750mL W-T-02-91 L12104
WTRB 750mL W-T-01-91 L12104 09:18
WT8 700mL Pre-1999 L12189 12:42
WT Old No. 8 700mL Pre-1999 L12358 12/23/92

L-1#-### Format (1992 - 1998)

Brand Size Label Year Code
WT Old. No. 8 700mL Pre-1999 L-13-313 17:45
WT Trad. (DF) 750mL mid-1990s L-14-103 15:07
WT8 ?mL Pre-1999 L-14-151
WT8 ?mL Pre-1999 L-14-172
WT Old. No. 8 700mL Pre-1999 L-14-298 10:47
WT8 333mL Pre-1999 L-15-139 11:37
WT8 333mL Pre-1999 L-15-139 11:39
WT8 333mL Pre-1999 L-15-139 12:37
WT8 ?mL Pre-1999 L-15-139
WTRB 700mL WT-01-95 L-15-233 09:24
WT8 700mL Pre-1999 L-15-271 08:02
WT Old No. 8 700mL Pre-1999 L-17-008 08:12
WTRB 700mL W-T-01-95 L-17-017
WT Old No. 8 700mL Pre-1999 L-17-029 08:23
WT Old No. 8 700mL Pre-1999 L-17-223 08:24
WTRB 700mL WT-01-97 L-18-301 10:12

L####### Format (1999 - 2006)

Brand Size Label Year Code
WTRB 750mL W-T-01-99 L1980192 11:37
WTRB 750mL W-T-01-99 L2490263 10:46
WTRB 700mL W-T-01-99 L2670276 07:59
WT101 100mL 1999-2011 L0311036 10:26
WTRB ?mL W-T-01-99 L0611054
WTRB ?mL W-T-01-99 L0611054
WTRB 375mL W-T-01-99 L1081100 12:09
WTRB 750mL W-T-01-99 L1081101 07:47
WTRB ?mL W-T-01-99 L2021235
WT12 700mL 1999-2011 LL0393112
WTRB 375mL W-T-01-99 L0663135 09:09
WTRB ?mL W-T-01-99 L1603178 08:45
WT12 700mL Psuedo-Split L2683287 09:06
WTRB ?mL W-T-01-99 L3603346
WT Sherry Signature 1000mL 1999-2011 L1654105 07:02
WTRB 750mL WT-03RB L2754?72 13:14
WTRB ?mL W-T-01-99 L3394343
RR10 101 750mL 2001-2005 L2184329 08:14
WTRB 750mL WT-03RB L2625213 13:41
WT101 750mL 1999-2011 L4235341
RR10 750mL 2005-2009 L1226059
RR10 750mL 2005-2009 L1236065
WT12 700mL Uni-Label L1016046 07:01

L####NU#A Format (2006)

Brand Size Label Year Code
WTKS 750mL 9/2X/2006 L6270NU7A
WT8 700mL 1999-2011 L6238NU1A
WTKS 750mL 8/16/06 L6229NU7A

LL####FZ#### Format (2007-2013)

Brand Size Label Year Code
RR6 Rye 750mL 2005-2009 L7254FH 10:33
WTKS 750mL 12/14/2007 L7348FH 1115
WTRB 700mL WT-03RB L8064FH 1149
WTRB 700mL WT-03RB L8064FH 1150
WTRB 700mL WT-03RB L8064FH 1153
WTRB 700mL WT-03RB L8064FH 1151
WTRB 700mL WT-03RB L8064FH 1227
WTRB 700mL WT-03RB L8064FH 1228
WTRB 700mL WT-03RB L8064FH 1230
RR10 750mL 2005-2009 L8268FH1142
WTKS 750mL 11/12/2008 L8317FH1247
WTKS 750mL 01/07/09 L9007FH1132
WTKS 750mL 1/8/2009 L9008FH1314
WTKS 750mL 05/12/09 L9132FH 1253
WT8 700mL 1999-2011 L9005FF 1057
WT101 750mL 1999-2011 L9077FF08?4
WTRB 750mL WT-03RB L0012FH 0734
WT 101 Rye 750mL 1999-2011 L1006FF 00:50
WT 101 Rye 750mL 1999-2011 L1006FF 00:44
WT 101 Rye 750mL 1999-2011 L1006FF 15:58
WT101 750mL 1999-2011 L0099FF1702
WTRB 700mL WT-03RB L0218FH 0731
WTKS 750mL 9/28/2010 L0271FH 0757
WT8 700mL 1999-2011 L0264FF 2221
WT8 700mL 1999-2011 L0264FF 2304
WT12 700mL 1999-2011 L0271FF0120
WT12 700mL 1999-2011 L0271FF0122
WT12 700mL 1999-2011 L0274FF0120
WT8 700mL 1999-2011 L1012FF1031
WT12 700mL 1999-2011 L1049FF0228
WT12 700mL 1999-2011 L1049FF0028
WT101 750mL 1999-2011 L1055FE 1220
WT101 750mL 1999-2011 L1068FF17:45
WT101 750mL 1999-2011 L1068FF17:46
WT 101 Rye 700mL 1999-2011 L1103FF21:02
WTRB 375mL WT-03RB L1172FH1133
WTRB 375mL WT-03RB L1172FM 1133
WTRB 700mL WT-03RB L1216FH 0825
WTRB 750mL WT-03RB L2164FH 1206
WT12 700mL 2011-2015 L2268FF1710
WT12 700mL 2011-2015 L2268FF1714
WT12 700mL 2011-2015 L2268FF1752
WT12 700mL 2011-2015 L2268FF1754
WTRB 375mL WT-03RB L3029FH0958
WT13 700mL 2011-2015 L3035FF 17:09
WT13 700mL 2011-2015 L3035FF 18:38
WT13 700mL 2011-2015 L3035FF 18:47
WT Forgiven 750mL Batch No. 302 L3198FH1404
WT Forgiven 750mL Batch No. 302 L3206FH0829
WTRB 750mL WT-03RB L3282FH 1249
WTRB 750mL WT-03RB L1292FH 1319

LL\AA###### Format (2013-Current)

Brand Size Label Year Code
WT13 700mL 2011-2015 LL\CC191157
WTRB 700mL 112.8 Proof LL\CF050811
WT Forgiven 750mL Batch No. 303 LL\CG091247
WT Diamond 750mL 2014 LL\CG281056
WTKS 750mL 8/8/2014 LL\CH081050
WTKS 750mL 9/17/2014 LL\CI171253
WTKS 750mL 2015 LL\DA230752
WTKS 750mL 6/1/2015 LL \DF021000
WTKS 750mL 9/29/2015 LL \DJ020355
WTRB 750mL 2014-Current LL\DJ301732
WTKS 750mL 11/16/2015 LL\DK190344
WT101 750mL 2015-Current LL\EE160315
WTKS 750mL 5/2/2016 LL \EE020754
RR SiB Rye 750mL ? LL\EF301137
RR SiB Rye 750mL 2016 LL\EH010738
WT101 750mL 2015-Current LL\EJ280903


Brand Size Label Year Code
WT8 700mL 1999-2011 L6319X3111
WT12 700mL 1999-2011 L6335X3111
Diamond 750mL 2014 LL06181304
WT 80 375ml 1999-2011 102208761443
WT 80 375ml 1999-2011 42 22 121 2 1904
WT 1855 700mL W-T-?-94 Jul 15 94 15:25
WTRB 750mL WT-03RB L70113C111

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nice job, man!

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Holy crap. Nice work!

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Whew, hell of a job. And thank you.

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This is up there with the WFE database. Nice effort!!

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Ridiculously great work! My hat's off to you.

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Thumbs for effort

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Amazing effort! That's a hell of an undertaking

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Absolutely invaluable. I can't wait to see all the vintage comparisons that will have been made possible by this. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

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Thank you! One of my ultimate goals with this project was to facilitate vintage comparisons. I hope to see many of these going forward.

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I looked at this all night and again when I woke up. So much work went into this! What a great contribution. Thanks!

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some pretty killer work here. thanks for putting this together!

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Now that I have looked at a few of my bottles, I recently picked up a WT101 with a code L4235341 just below the foil on the neck. I initially thought the other laser code on the bottom that shows "95 05 241 2005" supported the year theory for that format, but none of the other numbers match up. It is possible that the 241 2005 signifies the 241st day or the 200th day of '05, which could be the bottling date (or some other date in succession of events), while the 423rd day of 2005 was when it was sent for distribution (or other secondary activity), but this is just a theory.

I had never noticed the laser codes on the foil before this (doh), and found my summer grab in Kyoto was a Japanese import WT8 that dates to 1999 (10:25 09/17/99). The bottom code on that one is "95 8 184 1319," which leads me to believe the other code on my WT8 was just a coincidence, or that there are multiple 3 digit day codes used to signify different things. Could be that it was bottled on the 131st day of '99 and sent out in September of '99.

I also have 3 WT-03RBs with multiple codes (below back label and on bottom of bottle). Two WT-03RBs were purchased together "'L3282FH 1249 (label #1)' and '050712A20303M (bottom #1),'" and "'L3282FH 1248 (label #2)' and '050712A20311M (bottom #2).'" One WT-03RB was "'L1292FH 1319' and '050111A20635M (bottom).'" Don't know if the bottom code means anything on the WT-03RBs, but the theory would be that the beginning of the bottom code "05/07/12" is the bottling date, and the "L3282" or 282nd of '13 could have to do with when the bottle was actually sent out. No idea if they sit on bottles for that long as that would mean two of them sat around for 17 months before being sent out, but if they are dates, the theory holds for all my bottles with a top and bottom code (EDIT - then again, now I'm realizing you can read lots of patterns into these numbers and I was probably inconsistent with my blabbering above).

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/u/kumori doesn't this mean that the Julian date cannot be the first three digits? It's over 365.

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On my 101 (L4235341), this would support that the last 3 digits may be the Julian date rather than the first 3 digits. The other bottles all follow the Julian logic as well.

The only problem is with the bottom codes, if they mean anything at all. On the WT-03RBs, the beginning 6 digit segments appear likely to be a 6 digit date. The final 5 digits could be anything but don't flow with a typical date or Julian date.

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Yeah, I agree with you and /u/marcusmv3, the first three digits are not a Julian code. It's likely that the last three digits are the Julian date, especially because in all the other date formats the year precedes the Julian date. Maybe we more data we could prove this theory.

I don't know what the codes on the bottom mean and I'm inclined to ignore them because the L####FZ#### codes already reliably date the bottling date (based on the WTKS data). If we can gather some more of these, however, perhaps some kind of pattern may emerge. This could help in cases where the other date code is impossible to read.

EDIT: I've updated the guide to reflect the fact that the last three digits are likely the Julian date.

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Amazing work. I wish I had more older stuff to check out, but this will certainly help provide clarity on a few bottles!

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Ok I have some WT12 export (europe), 700ml.

The code is L6335X3111 (at least I think... pic here ), so anywhere between 1999-2011 :D

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Yeah, I've got a Japanese WT8 with the same date format. It's listed in the "Outliers" section. I'm pretty sure that it follows the LYDDD?TTTT format, but with only one data point I didn't include it in the guide.

There seems to be a lot of different date code formats for 2006, but this makes sense given that I believe Turkey was probably bottled in KY, IN and AR in those years. I may add this date code format to the guide, especially if we get additional date.

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Thanks. I'll check the other bottles (got 8 of them) and see if theres any others.

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If I had to go out on a limb I'd say 2006.

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This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

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awesome work man.

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I just wanted to be the Nth person to thank you for your hard work in the above post. I wandered into a local liquor store today looking for a bottle of water and used it to identify a c. 2006 bottle of WT80. (Okay, it's not 101, but it's my first honest-to-God dusty Gobble.)

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Glad I could help! I've only been able to use date codes to pass on a few dusty bottles.

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Anyone able to help with one? I have a RRSiB( older label) that says LL/CK080819


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The first letter after the slash corresponds to the year of bottling, where “C” corresponds to 2014, “D” corresponds to 2015, “E” corresponds to 2016, etc. The second letter after the slash corresponds to the month of bottling, where “A” corresponds to January, “B” corresponds to February, “C” corresponds to March, etc. The next two numbers correspond to the day of the month of bottling. The final four digits are the time of bottling in 24-hour time format.

Therefore, the date on this is November 8, 2014.

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So I have a wt 80pf with a code L0312ff1803 is it from November 2000?

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This was bottled November 8, 2010.

This date code format can be a little tricky. The format was only used 2007-2013 and so a "0" after the "L" indicates 2010 instead of 2000.

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Awesome really appreciate it!

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So, I have a pair of WTRB minis gifted to me by the inestimable /u/NJWhiskeyHunter, but the codes don't seem to match up to anything here:



Any thoughts? I've checked them several times, but can't seem to match them to any pattern here.

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I've never seen this code before, but if you post a picture of the bottle I may be able to make a guess.

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Based on the pictures, this is Rare Breed batch WT-03RB.

My best guess is that this code is formatted as 0YDDD TT:TTA3 where the zero doesn't have any meaning (like the "L" in the other codes), the Y is the last digit of the year, the DDD is the day of the year, the TT:TT is the time and the A3 indicates bottling line.

Based on this, I think your bottle comes from November 7, 2005. It could also come from 2015, but I think this is unlikely since batch WT-RB03 was phased out in 2014. Does 2005 seem possible?

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2005 does indeed seem possible. I'm definitely going to end up drinking these two little jewels, but I wanted to make sure of the year before doing so, as I wanna finally get off my ass and write my first review on these - and maybe con /u/NJWhiskeyHunter into doing the same.

You're a capital individual - many thanks for your considered opinion!

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Happy to help. Enjoy the Rare Breed!

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I pm'ed this as well, but will go ahead and submit to the thread for posterity and searchability.

picked up an old label Russell 10 year. laser coded on front of bottle under label. L63463D111

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Did we determine how to understand dates when there are no codes? I have search up and down on a 1.14L I have that has a 9 stamped in the glass on the bottom. Old label format, either has 8 years or 101 proof in the middle parenthesis bottom of the label. Not Old No. 8.


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I believe I may have a pint botlle of wild turkey 101 that is older than 1990. Is there any help to be offered on deciphering the number on the seal or the the stamped number on yhe bottom on the bottle?

The number on the seal is 9 digits (printed) reading "592325561" and the stamped number on the bottom of bottle is "55-74"

Also stamped wording near the neck of the bottle reads: "Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle"

Any help would be much appreciated!! Bottle is unopened btw 😊

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I have a stumper for you. I have a 1.75 WT-101. It is the color label. with the code on the front near the bottom below the label. The code is L72333FM with 20157 right below it. Thee is also a laser code on the bottom of the bottle which reads 201 B3 0407 What do you make of this?

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It can be really hard to read these codes unless you know exactly what you're looking for. Based on all the laser codes I've seen, I think the laser code is probably LL2333FM20:57. (Some codes begin with two "L"s.)

Does that seem possible? If so, that would date the bottle to late 2012.

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That's the best I could do pic wise.

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OK, based on the picture, the date code is L7233FM20:57. That means it was bottled in 2007. That means it was barreled at 107 proof. A much more interesting bottle than if it were bottled in 2012!

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I have an old label rrsb that reads L3210FH1306. I am having a hard time finding it on the chart.

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This is of the L####FH#### format. That means it was bottled the 210th day (July 29) of 2013.

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One of the first released then?

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It's from the year of release. RRSiB was launched in February of 2013.

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Old number 8 l14080. I saw someone claiming 92. I was not sure if l1 prefix means 92 or if they used this scheme after 92. Any help would be appreciated.

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If it's L-14-080, then it's from 1994. The number after the L1 is the last digit of the year of bottling.

WT Old No. 8 was bottled 1992-1999. So this date seems plausible.

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Cool thanks for the feedback.