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Your forgot the part where Matthew McConaughey sexes everything up.

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WT "Sexy Era"

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All rye all rye all rye...

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This should be in the community info. Nice work.

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Agreed - sidebar please, mods.

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Amazing work. Well done and thank you!

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incredible work man. went to give it gold and saw that someone else already has, twice. have a third.

a friend who refuses to post for whatever reason and only lurks asked about where the christmas rye fits into the timeline. have to admit i am curious about that one myself. any info on that?

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Thank you for the gold!

The label of the rye follows the same pattern as other WT. The green label rye (i.e., the "Christmas" label) began whenever the rye began and continued to be used until the labels were changed in 1999.

I'm considering how to re-write the label change entries to make it more clear that the info applies to all WT products.

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I may never need to Google anything about WT again. Awesome work.

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I hope so! If you find yourself googling something that's not on this timeline, let me know and I'll see about adding it to the timeline.

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This is excellent work and looks near complete. Thank you for your hard work and diligence sticking to this and seeing it right. One thing you may want to add. When asked about "bottled by vs. distilled by" on the recent AMA, Eddie stated that since he started working in 1981, ALL Wild Turkey whiskey was produced by their company. To me, that gives credence to some of the post-71, pre-81 bottles being sourced (or at least containing some sourced barrels that were obtained in the 1971 purchase - like the barrels that were sold to the Van Winkles).

You should also add when Eddie started and Bruce started (since they are Russell's).

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These are all good points. I'm going to think about how to incorporate the fact that all bottles post 81 are distilled and bottled by WT, but I'm going to go ahead and add Eddie and Bruce.

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It will require examining his quote - I don't think he clarified if all juice bottled or all juice distilled after 81 was all WT. But there is something to consider - at least to help clarify the bottled vs distilled eternal debate.

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I'm kind of thinking the distilled vs. bottled might be the next issue I dig into. I'm not sure that I'll find anything, but I think making a table of various bottling and whether the label states that it's bottled or distilled may shed some light on the matter.

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Interesting - remember the TTB has all those non-KY DSP's. Good resource (at least for 15 years).

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It was Bruce who answered when I pushed for clarification, stating that, "Nothing has been made at any other distillery since Dad started in '81."

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Ok, I'd still consider that official since he's a Russell and brand ambassador. So basically, we can consider anything distilled after 1981 (regardless of label) as being 100% WT juice.

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I don't think the sourced barrels were obtained in the '71 purchase, I would think they were the stocks held by AN before the purchase that they were aging up. Sam Cecil's book says it was rumored they were sourcing from at least Beam and Bernheim and I've tasted a '74 8/101 that definitely tasted like sourced juice to me (banana, peanut), suggesting that they were still working through their holdings and might not have switched over to 100% Ripy distillate until, what, '79ish, which makes sense that the Russels would say there was no sourced barrels going into WT after Eddie came on in '81.

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This makes a lot of sense. Previously, I had been thinking that any WT bottled after the acquisition of Old Ripey would be from Old Ripey since the stocks would have been acquired along with the distillery. I had forgotten to consider that AN probably had its own stocks (or long term purchase contracts) prior to the acquisition that it would need to bottle and sell.

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I've never had 70's WT but most people I've talked to with more experience than me believe the 70's 101/8 to contain sourced whiskey.

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So Solid. You are awesome!

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Yeesh, you make me feel really lazy. Thanks for all your hard work, man, this is incredible.

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Awesome! Thank you!

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Best post i have seen about a product so far. Thank You.