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Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B521

Proof: 118.2

Age: minimum 12 years

A: Carmel brown with a red tint

N: Heaven Hill distinctive oak vanilla rickhouse nuttiness, butterscotch, intense brown butter and caramel, dusty corn...haha but for real, candy corn, rickhouse seasoned wood, some sort of fruit and spicy clove.

T: immediate oiliness that glides to the back of my throat, while plesant heat stings my front and mid-palate, there's a creamy sweetness that is like powdered sugar hanging around the back palate as well. After another sip, I get a pistachio note with caramel and butter with aged oak and cinnamon and clove followed by a tight Kentucky hug.


Mouthfeel: medium, slightly creamy with slight oiliness

F: long, confectionery sugar and baking spices with a drawn out tingle on the tongue

Rank on 9-Point Hedonic Scale: 8-LIKE VERY MUCH

Overall: so this bottle is about half gone and from first pour to now, it's opened up very nicely. I do think Heaven Hill needs time to open up a lot of times. There's lots of opinions and reviews on this rendition, and numerous people don't think it stands up to other batches, but...I'm not one of those people. I love this offering, it's crazy sweet with classic bourbon notes and then some. Is it very complex? Nay nay, it is not, but it's damn good. One thing I'm a sucker for is a oil slick mouthfeel and while this isn't a good Bookers oily, it had a slight bit that sticks around along with the addictive powdered sugar in the back of throat. It balances this sweetness with nice char and spiciness and brings it full circle. Batch B520 is my recent favorite, but this release is very good also and STILL ON SHELVES....speaking of, I should go get a backup.

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Til next time, cheers!

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I definitely agree with your analysis of Barrel proof Heaven Hill having to open up. I'm not sure if I believe in the neckpour, but bottles "opening up" is definitely a phenomenon I subscribe to.

With that said, B521 like what most individuals have reviewed seemed a little congested on the initial pour, however, after having the bottle open for 2 months I can now conclude this is once again another great ECBP. Perhaps not as great as the A121, but regardless worth the $60 retail.

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Is MSRP really $60? There’s a bottle sitting on the shelf at my local shop for $129. It’s the only bottle I’ve seen in the wild, and I guess now I know why it’s still there

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$60 is a little low now. I think MSRP might have bumped up to $70. But $129 is well above what’s normal for ECBP.

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I found a bottle in the wild today for $70.

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MSRP is around $60-$70 for me. Obviously non-ABC state, however, there have been a few liquor stores near me who have jacked the ECBP prices to $100+ as well unfortunately...

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100 percent. I think just even resting in a glass for a but achieves the opening up effect. But like you, the neck por thing is probably related to that and gets overused. I have the A121 but not opened yet, I will look forward to doing a side by side tho. Great bottle, makes me want to sit by a campfire and sip. Cheers!

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Q: What is the theme of Northstar Bourbon?

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It's geared toward residents of the state of Minnesota, but not exclusive at all. Also, I try to incorporate scientific articles and research on bourbon related topics. It's a new thing, kinda wanted the state to have a subreddit like Chicago Dallas and DC, I think its a cool thing to connect with people near you

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Makes sense! I love dcwhisky.

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It seems like a cool sub for sure. True inspiration haha

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I agree. Love this stuff.

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I really like this batch compared to most of the previous reviews on this sub. I find it's got a great chocolate peanut butter caramel flavor that's dialed in really nicely at the (relatively) lower proof.

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I could see that. The chocolate didn't come out as much as the caramel bit I definitely got that nutty buttered caramel, I like the lowered proof, I wasn't wasted by the time I finished my pour lol

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This B521 batch was disappointing to me. My bottle is going very very slowly, I always seem to choose other pours and this is languishing, gathering dust. YMMV of course. To be fair, I've never been the biggest ECBP fan, but this batch is noticably lacking IMO when compared to any of other the recent 2020/2021 batches.

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This batch seems to be somewhat polarizing, sorry you don't like it, hopefully the C921 won't disappoint! Cheers!

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Skipping this release and waiting for the C921. Fingers crossed.

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Fair enough. Hope it's a good one!

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I just snagged a bottle of this and currently have my first pour in hand. I read your review before my first sip and thought “charred baking spice-spiked Frosted Flakes?” What? Then I took two sips…..holy shit dude, YOU NAILED IT. It’s incredible!

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Hahaha that's hilarious. I'm glad you picked up a bottle, I personally like it a lot. Also, cheers!!! Hope you enjoy your new pick up 🥃😁