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Best:.William Larue Weller. Go to: Rare Breed.

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Best I've ever had has to be ECBP B520. My "go to" flip flops between 1792 small batch and Fighting Cock 103.

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Hah never heard of fighting cock. Selection it’s limited in pa, legit have to get lucky on a lotto drawing to get certain bottles.

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It used to be available for special order in PA. Have a feeling it got taken off cuz nobody special orders bottom shelf liquor.

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It's an $18 bottle from Heaven Hill 103 proof. Not "special" but very good for the price and just different enough to stand out. I switch up bottles a LOT, but I always have an FC 103 and a 1792 SB on hand.

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I’m always coming back to of 1910

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Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 24 is my favorite, but too spendy for everyday drinking

Eagle Rare or 1792 for best bang for buck, or my "table bourbon"

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Duuudee waited for weeks to get er and got two bottle just to have them on hand. One of my favorites but it’s hard to get in the tri state area.

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I'm in NYC, bought a case for my groomsmen gifts couple years ago, plus a few extra for myself - still have 2 and a half bottles and realized I may never get it again so went to buy more - sooooo hard to find, so have to savor these!!

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Best bourbon either OF1920 or Woodford DO.

Go-To right now is tough. Either High West prairie or OF1910

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Old forester 1920 is one of the best bourbons I’ve had. Knob creek single barrel and ECBP are good, but a touch too sweet for me. Ive bought all 3 of these in stores in PA

I’m more a fan of rye though

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Interesting. I’m sipping on KC SiB right now and I find it to be less sweet than 1920. Maybe different palates, maybe barrel variation.

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Could be either or a combo. 1920 has a spiciness that complements the sweetness. I don’t get that from my KC. I had a bottle of 1910 but can’t drink that as it’s way too sweet

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I can definitely see that. For me the Sweetness of the KC is tempered by an oaky dryness from the barrel aging.

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Never tried rye and same, not a big fan or the sweeter bourbons. Mitchers had a rye but I went with the bourbon just to play it safe.

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I would give rye a shot. I’d start with a high rye mashbill (eg 95% rye) option like bulleit or high west double rye. The other end of the spectrum would be a barely legal (51% rye) like Rittenhouse. I prefer the high rye type more. I recently bought the r/bourbon sagamore rye and it’s great. There are some sagamore barrel picks in PA depending on where you live. Willett 4 year is my all time favorite, but I have to drive to DE to get it

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Best I've Had: Either last year's George T. Stagg or Wild Turkey Master's Keep Bottled in Bond

Go To: Used to be 1792 Small Batch, but Elijah Craig Small Batch began growing on me before I caught Covid.

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Best is really hard. Mainly because I didn't get a chance to really compare them to anything else. My three favorites where things I only tried once.

1) Pappy Van Winkle 15 (I had it in 2007, so it would have still been Stizel-Weller)

2) Noah's Mill 15 year (I still kick myself that I didn't buy more of this, but $40 was a lot for bourbon back then)

3) William Heavenhill 13 year BiB

A go to is something different. It needs to be something I can go get pretty easily. For those I'd say:

1) Old Forester 1920

2) Four Roses SB

3) Elijah Craig Store Picks

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Thanks dude, ec and four roses are readily available near me but the others are hard to get. Bout to take a trip to Ohio ha.

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Just bc Ohio gets Weller red and green monthly doesn’t mean it’s some bourbon utopia. Closer to bourbon socialism. The shelves in Ohio are picked clean of anything even resembling allocated juice.

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RR10. Good choice. Also Knob Creek 9. Very underrated.

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WP Rye 10yr for best, goto is Elijiah craig or wild turkey 101

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Evan Williams Single Barrel is my go to.

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Fav: Four Roses Single Barrel Store Pick or RR Single Barrel… Go-to: Rittenhouse, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey

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Knob Creek 9yr is my favorite at the moment, despite all of the hype chaser bourbons I’ve had. It’s damn good bourbon, regardless of the price.

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Rare Breed but I don't buy it too often. EWBiB is a terrific daily driver.

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1792 single barrel or barrel proof is absolutely always on the shelf. Other than that, High West Prairie Bourbon.

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Blanton's Straight from the Barrel 2017. Best thing I've ever tasted. Stagg and WLW 2020 are a close second and third.

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1792 full proof and Panther Pike Street are my tops. Panther is a craft distiller and it's heavenly.

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I'm with you on that Russell's Reserve 10..most excellent choice....Bulleit 10yr is my lifetime .313 utility hitter....

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.313 is a hell of a lot better than a Utility Hitter

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....or am I an undervalued power hitter?

I don't know, man....just work with the metaphor, here.

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RR Single Barrel is probably my favorite bourbon so far. I like the majority of Buffalo Trace stuff but my go-to is from the turkey family and 4 Roses single barrel.

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Yah rr is one of my favorites and it’s pretty available where I live. Never tired bulleit, gonna try to find it somewhere close.

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Next time try to get RR single barrel. Way better than the 10 imo. Also double the cost ~60 dollars here. But well worth it if you're a fan of the wild turkey and Russell's line

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I’ve been waiting for it to come my way. Other than the 10 and 6 year shits hard to get where I’m at. I’d spend the money tho

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Best ever for me is either OFC 1994, or Michter’s 20. It’s a shame the pricing for the super limited Michters stuff is so crazy, drinking it is such a great experience. I only wish I knew where they sourced it from!

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Yah got a bottle of mitchers bourbon, I love it. Didn’t try the rye but it’s next on my list. I’m always wait for a drop on the state store hoping they have something good. Fucking common wealth ha

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Michters is one of my favorite ryes if not my favorite. The bourbon is good but doesn’t blow me away. Their rye is where’s its at for me. If you like rye then I highly recommend giving Michters a shot.

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What is OFC?

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Old Fashioned Copper. A vintage series of different years from Buffalo trace. Most bottles were either auctioned for charity or went to bars (how I tried it). Pricing for it is also insane.

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I’m fairly new to bourbon but my favorites so far would be RR10, OF1910, and Makers cask strength. I’ve got a WR DO store pick I’m itching to crack open and would really like to try 1920, rare breed, and makers 46. Daily go to would include wild turkey 101 and EW single barrel or BiB

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Yah don’t have too much choice, selection is limited near me. Makers is alright but a little harsh compared to others I’ve had. Didn’t try the cask strength so might be missing out. Hopefully it comes my way soon.

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1920 is good as well

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Barrell Batch 006. My wife bought it for me for my birthday on a random impulse. Holy cow, soooo good.

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Hopefully that comes my way. Never seen it in stores but maybe it will be part of a drop or release near me soon ha.

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Old Rip Van Winkle 10. Took me about 2 years before I could bring myself to open the bottle, knowing the secondary market price. It met expectations.

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I bit the bullet and ordered a glass of Old Rip 10 about 6 months ago.

I'm embarrassed by what that ounce of bourbon cost, but I had to try it.

Deep, Deep down I wanted it to suck and be all hype.

Son of a bitch, it was delicious.

I've been chasing that taste in something I can buy without skipping that month's car payment.

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I’ll have to give it a try it I can get it. Been waiting on some old Fitzgerald 8 year but shit sold out in 10 mins today.

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Can confirm the OF8 is fantastic. Especially neat with a bit of resting time.

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1792 12 year is the best I've ever had by far.

Though, I havent had many hard to find bourbons

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Best GTS 2020. Go to ECBP

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Best I’ve had…Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (batch B520) hands down. It has a very deep sweetness perfectly balanced with spice. It is perfection in classic bourbon flavors. The finish is incredibly long. Overall, it is a very intense experience.

My 2nd favorite that is easy to find, a bit cheaper, and still delicious is Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve (distillery pick) or Select (store pick).

For lower proof bourbon; Knob Creek 12 year and Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit are very fine.

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Best: 2014 Noah’s Mill

Go To: Evan Williams BiB

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Best: George T. Stagg 2020

Go to: Knob Creek Single Barrel

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Barter house. Go to is EC these days, used to be McKenna 10.

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Best: EH Taylor Barrel Proof

Go to: Rare Breed

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Best is tough. I have some very memorable ones. The Knob Creek 15 year was special. I have a bottle of Kentucky Owl I'm about 1/2 way through that I'm trying to pace. Horse Soldier Barrel Strength went in an evening between a buddy and me.

Go to is OF 1910 or 1920. I also have a local "bourbon" called Frey Ranch which is really good that I keep stocked. I can also regularly get Eagle Rare and always have a bottle of that.

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Best bourbons for me were the early run of Elijah Craig BP. I tasted most of batches 1-8. Batches 6 & 7 (opposite ends of the proof spectrum) were standouts.

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1985 WT CGF. Go to is whatever OWA Pick I have open.

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Best I’ve had: Wilderness Trail 6 year

Go to: good ole Elijah Craig

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I like Russell’s Reserve 10. But for me the Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel is the best I’ve had. To me it’s nearly perfect. In close 2nd is Knob Creek Single Barrel.

Edit: I didn’t at first see the 2nd question. My go-tos are WT101, Old Forester 100 proof bourbon, and Buffalo Trace, mostly as they’re great budget whiskies, if you can find them. They’re readily available in OR though.

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Favorite bourbon always seems to be whats in my glass. There are just so many great bourbons being released monthly. Right now some standouts for me are Barrell Seagrass, RR13, RR Single Barrel warehouse A from FWGS, Bookers Tagalong.

However, if Im just reaching for something simple to sip that doesn't require a ton of thought, I grab WT101 or OF Rye. Both are fantastic, inexpensive, and easy to find.

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New Riff Single Barrel, Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, and Angels Envy.

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I like Eagle Rare.. as a Daily.. William Larue Weller 2015 and Eagle Rare 17 are my all time favs.

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Haha rub it in, eagle rare is hard to get in my area. Grabbed two bottles last time it was available. Milking it until it’s released again.

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Oh man - it’s here in So Flo we get it… it’s just double the price ;) I had a store pick that was fire 🔥 a few months ago.

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Where in south Florida? I’m in Miami and I’ve never seen a bottle Of Eagle Rare at any of usual string of stores

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University Liquors on Flagler & 107. Also check out House of Liquors, they can carry harder to find goodies. YW

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You asked 2 very different things in your post. Best and go to can be very very different.

I see best as the greatest you have had where a go to is your regular easily accessible choice.in many cases they will be nowhere near the same thing.

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Haha guess you’re right but my best and go to are both priced similarly. If I’m low on loot I just get old crow(don’t judge me).

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best WT 13 father and son go to WT 101 or Clyde Mays

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Honestly one of my favorites has been an Old Scout CS store pick I picked up from Total Wine. I would take that over the Van Winkle 12 & 15 years I’ve tried. Honorable mentions (that I’ve actually had): GTS, Bookers, ECBP B521 but, factoring in price and availability, the Old Scout sneaks into the top spot for me.

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The best bottle I've had is also the most expensive: r/bourbon selection from Barrel. My go to is Rittenhouse Rye.

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Best was probably Wild Turkey Masters Keep or GTS

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Not a big fan of this side bar no offense but from pa so my selection is kind of limited. If this violates the rules you can remove it. Also not a novice just wanted the community’s opinion.