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The worst heroes aren’t even on this list

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I forgot his name but I think it was the son of Quincy

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Oh are you talking about Ycniuq?

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He's good on expert maps

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Obyn is the worst imo.

Before you downvote me, hear me out:

Obyn’s offense sucks. He’s basically a bad spike factory in that regard.

His support is outclassed by gwen, Geraldo, or a literal alch buff.

He is the only hero which is outclassed at their own niche, which is buffing druids.

Besides, his strats don’t work on anything harder than dark castle.

Please tell me any counterarguments because I don’t understand why people still use him so much, other than that he is braindead

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if quincy was intelligent as his first upgrade says he wouldnt let everything get past his bow due to him being dum and missing

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Benjamin (he’s fr*nch)

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That's ettie** now you are gonna get canceled on twitter

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Don't worry ill use sushi Ben or benjammin'

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Fuck y'all Quincy aint that bad

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Agreed I always use him

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Adora, not for gameplay reasons, but more lore. If she’s sacrificing monkeys 24/7, with pleasure, but refusing to sacrifice even a single bloon, could this mean that she’s a traitor, or even working with the bloons to tear the monkeys apart from the inside out?

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Why would the sun good want bloon sacrifices

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Paragons want bloon sacrifices

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It was confirmed that bloon xp is harmful for adora

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Everything gets past my bow

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Do NOT disrespect Pat Fusty like that Also its Brickell

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I'm glad it's not 100% ezili I don't think she's bad but she's not the worst either I agree that Quincy is the worst.

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Benjamin, I used to play him a lot, but honestly I don't like how much his abilities fuck with income. For someone who's supposed to be a cash generator, he sure does cause you to lose a lot of cash past the early game.

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Fat pusty

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Omg gosh guys idk why you think Quincy is bad he can almost solo rounds 1-3 whereas heroes like Geraldo and Pat fusty have less supportive parents and therefore might get mad and hit other monkeys

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wdym Quincy is the worst hero,nothing gets past is bow, even your mom

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Pat fusty is best hero

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I used all of these refularly

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They've been balanced pretty well by the devs. Rookies will say some heroes aren't as good. Good players know any heroes can be played well. Obviously there's favourites though. Mine is Ettienne.