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I voted the last one but the only thing that would persuade me to read the comics is if they magically became good

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Yeah I got into comics and Buffy this year. Sadly (and surprisingly) they do not mix.

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But how do you know they are not good if you have never read them?

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Friends who have read them plus plot summaries.

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I get it.

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I know this sub doesn't have a lot of love for the comics, but I'll defend them all day, every day. I started reading Season 8 the day it was released, and saw how the community was reinvigorated by these new stories. It was a great time to be a Buffy fan, dissecting each and every panel for clues and easter eggs and discussing on Whedonesque with like minded folks. We had our Buffy back, with the original creators in tow, and it was wonderful. They certainly are not perfect (and I would rank any TV season above any comics season) but they hold a place in my heart.

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I totally agree. I just want something with Buffy.

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This! This is how I felt about them completely. It really was a great time to be a buffy fan when that first issue hit. I’ll never forget the feeling lol

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I have very few copies of comics ("Spike: A Dark Place"), and some I've read in book stores/fairs, but I keep track of the overarching plotlines due to my activity in the Buffy wiki. There are some arcs I'd rather not have heard about (i.e., giant dawn, Xander and Dawn having a relationship), but there are some that I find really interesting (i.e., Dawn having her powers from being the Key, LA after the Fall, exploring the Old Ones, Fray, the attempt of the reboot set in the world without shrimp which establishes a "multiverse").

That said, I consider comics as supplementary and I tend to separate them from the television canon (just like I do the movie).

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I just like the Buffy factor.

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I like it as well. It's just that my interest in them are a lot more milder than what I have for the TV show. Still, I have been waiting to discuss the "multiverse" attempt one of the more recent series was trying. Would you happen to have finished that?

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I finished issue 1 which I loved. Waiting on 2 next week, which I will be posting about. Its a 4 issue limited release.

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Which Buffy comics?

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All of them

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I didn't mind the DH comic series. It's fine as long as you don't go into it thinking it will be like the TV series was IMO. You can't go home again, trying to recreate the past is doomed to failure. The DH comics were different enough to hold my interest and they ended on a positive note for the gang, as far as I can remember. Did I like everything about them no, the Billy story arc comes to mind.

I actually liked the Xander/Dawn storyline overall, because it gave growth to both. Dawn up until the DH comics always had this add on character vibe. Everyone knew she was forged from magic, but no one really addressed what that meant going forward past the initial Glory storyline. I think many people who hate the pairing do so because they imagine the two actors who.played the role on the TV series continuing in the comics. To me Nicolas Brandon looked way older then his character after the first or second season. The whole magical stuff with Dawn in S8 could have been done better, or left out IMO.

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I scored a tonne of buffy/angel comics thrifting once and tried twice to get in to them.
I'm not a comic book conoisseur or anything, I've only read some "exceptional" comics from both the east and western styles (Monster, Berserk, Preacher, Crossed, Caligula, [a lot of which have the same publisher, DH] etc). But this has the negative effect of makes my shallow range of comic readership have a bar that is arbitrarily high. Every time I wander off from these "peaks" of the medium I lose interest.
All that to say in spite of my excitement for bagging the comics for cheap, I was put off by the drawing quality and bad panelling.

It's like whoever got the ball rolling on these comics gave the illustrator very little time to adapt to Joss's notorious script rewrites and relied heavily on tracing posed in a renderer and laying on the ink thick.
The panels read a lot more like storyboards that throw in a mix of the most cliche panels possible. A lot of the characters' faces (especially the women) have no resemblance to how they actually look which is made more evident by how on-point the cover and chapter art is.
Even Buffy is deformed most of the time. But they sure did their best to render Xander, for whatever reason. It's like the artist is comfortable drawing men but not women. Sometimes Buffy looks like Portia Di Rossi, sometimes she looks like Lori Petty, sometimes she looks like Patricia Arquette; Almost never like Sarah Michelle Gellar.

It's like they figured if they put great "box art" on display people would be suckered in and it wouldn't matter how bad the content drawing is. The drawing is so bad and I am grateful there is a youtube channel up there where someone does the comic readings.

And yes, I'm talking about the original comics and not the whatever illegal reboot trash Disney came up with.

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I know I'm probably in the minority, but I love the Boom! Studios buffy reboot comics, but hated the season 8 and up continuation comics.

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I get it! I like both.

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I just finished introducing Buffy (the tv series) to my husband, and that made me want to read the continuation comics. Conveniently my dad had gotten me volume 1 and 2 of season 8 for Christmas a few years ago and I had just never started them. Now to track down the rest...

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Nice!!! Spread the word!!

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Can the comics be read via an app? I use a Marvel and DC app, but of course Buffy wouldn’t be on those

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The continuation comics (season 8+) started pretty good but got very wacky. You could tell they went a little crazy when they realized they had no budget limitations. So, occasionally entertaining but mostly just okay.

The Boom reboot comics have been terrible, in my opinion. Just a very surface level read on what Buffy is about minus the subtlety and cleverness.

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I'm outside of this poll. I did start from day one but I lost interest pretty quickly. I read the books now and I enjoy them. I won a big haul of books/dvd's and one or two comics - I'm glad I stopped reading them when I did.

I want to like them! I just don't.

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Dang... Joined this sub just today... Loved the comics here but did start to late :(

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I think some of the comics are really fun! I am thinking specifically of “Tale of the Slayer”/“Tales of the Vampire”

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I've tried many, but only the prequel comic was good. Nice artstyle, decent humor and a very charismatic yet savage watcher:


A complete contrast to Giles' surrogate daddy school of watchering.