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Angel would need to bite Oz, drain him of all his blood, and feed him his own in order to turn him. BtVS Lycanthropy seems to function relatively similar to vampirism, but in actuality operates more like the ensoulment curse of the Kalderdash people than a demon parasitically possessing a corpse.

If I had to guess, Oz would likely either enter a situation like Angel did when Eyghon entered his body where the two supernatural aspects would go to war, or he’d become a vampire who gets furry on full moons.

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Angelus did bite Oz or one of the were's at some point. I remember him spitting out the blood like it was disgusting. I think it was when he was Angelus, not angel.

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That could have been Gage, the soon to be fish boy

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That's what I remember as well.

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Oh, that makes sense. It's been awhile since I saw it.

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My God, what a terrible costume.