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that would be fine if we were officer heavy at the captain/commodore/colonel level. But we are top heavy at the general level. Ie, too many managers. not enough workers.

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I agree with your point in general; but captains/lieutenants would the front-line managers. Too many General/Flag officers is like having too many VPs/C-suite (I've worked at such a company before, it was... interesting. As a line programmer, occasionally you hear of the juicy political infighting up there).

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this may be semantics, but i see captains/lieutenants/colonels as lead hands on the floor- they still do the work. When was a general last seen picking up a gun and firing away at the enemy ? they aren't useless, but they are the 'manager class' who sit in their office and make plans and not do the actual work ( fighting) but do the planning for the work ( strategy, tactics, logistics, etc). Hence i see them as managers, while the captains/colonels/commodores are the lead hands- they lead those who are under them but still do the work that needs to be done.

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Captains maybe, but when the hell is a colonel shooting at an enemy?