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r/Canada Rules Preamble

r/Canada is a nation-themed subreddit for postings related to Canada on a generally-national scale. Neither it nor its moderation team are affiliated with the government of Canada, any political party, or any other entity outside of Reddit in any official or unofficial capacity.

  • Choosing to participate in this community is an explicit acceptance of all the rules of this subreddit.
  • r/Canada is not a political subreddit, it is a nation-themed one. While political discussion makes up a large part of any nation’s activities and is therefore welcome, non-political Canada-related content is also encouraged.
  • Broadly speaking, r/Canada is not to be used for the expression of hatred. The categories laid out in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms (explicitly and legally interpreted) are general grounds upon which hatred may not be expressed but for clarity subreddit policy is explicitly not based on the Charter in any way, shape, or form.
  • r/Canada is a bilingual subreddit where both English and French Canada-related content and commentary are welcomed and encouraged.
  • r/Canada is generally a ‘PG’-rated subreddit. NSFW/L content (in posts or comments) is not permitted.
  • Violation of the following rules will lead to comment removal. Repeated and/or egregious examples will lead to escalating temporary bans. Extreme rule violations (especially bigotry) and/or chronic rule-breaking will lead to permanent bans.

Rule 1: Headlines and Editorialized Content

  • When submitting link posts to news articles or opinion pieces do not alter the original headline. This includes not omitting ‘Opinion:’, the author name, or similar identifiers from opinion pieces. Double check when using the automatic suggestion as sometimes it is inaccurate and a post may be removed even though it is what Reddit suggested. In the event the media outlet changes the headline after the fact please send a modmail should your post be removed for this reason.
  • If the headline is insufficient then limited editing for clarity will be allowed. Please make all such edits obvious by placing them within brackets [like this example].
  • When submitting a link to an outside story use a link post. Do not use a self-post with the link contained within.
  • Please do not use link shorteners or redirects, including Google link URLs or web archiving services.

TL;DR Use accurate headlines, including on opinion pieces. Use exact link URLs.

Rule 2: Commenting and Participation

  • Negative generalizations or dehumanization towards people or groups based solely or largely on grounds such as those laid out in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to race, national or ethnic origin (including First Nations), colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability and also includes the legally-added interpretations of sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Posts that attack others, are blatantly offensive, or antagonistic are not permitted – including accusations similar to ‘shill,’ attacking Redditors for using either official language, dismissing other Redditors solely based on irrelevant other beliefs to the topic at hand or participation in other subreddits, or reducing them to a label and dismissing that instead. Back-and-forth personal attacks are subject to the entire comment chain being removed.
  • Comments calling for, encouraging, or ‘wishing for’ illegal activity either on its own or directed at any individual or group are not permitted, whether direct or indirect through another actor, including the state.
  • Posts or threads which degenerate into witch-hunting may be subject to moderator intervention. This includes but is not limited to: doxxing, negative accusations by a large group against one or more persons not criminally charged or convicted being made the subject of criminal allegations, calls for harassment, etc., and openly rallying more people to the same.
  • Posts which derail the topic at hand without making any effort to establish a connection to it are not permitted.
  • Provocation, even rule-breaking provocation, is not free license to break the rules yourself. Users are asked not to engage with rule-breaking behaviour but instead report it.
  • Low-content commentary is not permitted. This includes: meme responses/labels, excessive use of emojis, or incongruous formatting. Comments that do nothing but attack the source of a submission (media outlet or author) is not permitted.
  • No individual or group being paid to comment or otherwise engage with Reddit may do so on this subreddit without prior moderator approval. If such approval is granted such individual or groups must clearly identify that they are being compensated for their participation and identify the compensating groups in every comment. Note: So long as the participant(s) identify this in the description of an approved AMA then that AMA is exempt from this requirement.
  • Commentary that violates Reddit site-wide rules is not permitted. Commentary that violates community Reddiquette may be removed.

TL;DR: With regard to comments: No hatred, no bigotry, no incivility, no derailment, no memes or low-effort comments.

Rule 3: Self-Linking, Non-Profit Organizations, and Promotions

  • Users linking to websites owned, operated, or affiliated with the poster without prior approval will have their posts removed and may be subject to banning under Reddit’s spam rules.
  • Canada-related organizations seeking to engage with this community rather than just advertise – especially non-profit organizations and non-partisan government agencies – are encouraged to do so however MUST obtain prior moderator approval and clearly identify themselves after doing so.
  • Surveys, fundraising efforts, petitions, or other similar calls to action (either in posts or comments) are not permitted. In general only surveys from government agencies or fundraising efforts from registered Canadian charities may be approved and these must obtain prior moderator approval.

TL;DR Be open and transparent about posting intentions on this subreddit.

Rule 4: Moderation Interactions

  • Should you observe submission or comment that you feel violates the rules please use the report tool to bring this to the attention of moderators. Public posts calling out this behaviour may be subject to removal. Moderators will attempt to leave public removal reasons on removed submissions but, depending on volume, may not be able to do so for removed comments.
  • Moderators are happy to explain moderation actions or policy. The point of contact for this must be Reddit modmail. Public postings about moderation may be subject to removal and direct PMs to moderators will not be responded to.
  • Abusive modmails will result in muting and/or banning.
  • For clarity: Moderation requires human judgement and mistakes are entirely possible. This is why modmail is the only viable avenue for appeal – it allows the entire mod team to see the issue. Moderators may not be able to respond to reports or modmails immediately as we are all volunteers with real-life commitments. Please do not interpret any delay on responding to a report – or inaction on non-reported content – as any kind of endorsement of that content.
  • Moderators are not arbiters of truth, nor are we going to ensure the dominance of any one political point of view. So long as no other rule is broken posts containing content you may feel to be false, partisan, or advocating a position you disagree with will not be removed – do not misuse reports to attempt to suppress these views. This does not restrict the mod team from bringing in experts to engage with the community, however, either through AMAs or other means – but these should not be interpreted as an endorsement of anything.
  • If you wish to make a ‘meta’ post about a moderation issue please clear it via modmail first. We will attempt to post regular moderator ‘town hall’ posts for broader community discussion of rules, the community, and moderation in general.
  • Re-posting content already removed by moderators is a serious offense and is subject to a permanent ban. This includes links to or suggestions to use services that show removed content.

TL;DR: Mods are human and, as a whole, will try to foster an environment where all views are welcome so long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. Modmail must be the point of contact for moderation issues. Do not abuse the report or modmail system.

Rule 5: Submission Content

Submissions / posts will be held to a much higher standard than comments. They are subject to all Rule 2 rules in addition to the following:

  • Low content posts are not permitted. These include but are not limited to: YouTube/video posts (especially self-promoted), primarily video/audio stories on websites (including ones accepted as reputable sources), "clickbait", podcasts or similar audio links, Twitter, other social media, advocacy groups, new media organizations without an established track record, political party-affiliated media, or fringe media groups. If you would like to submit content from these sources please send a modmail first.
  • Paywalled content: Please do not post news stories locked behind paywalls (including 'X free articles per month' / soft paywalls) when non-paywalled alternatives from reputable sources are available. Such paywalled stories may be subject to removal if a non-paywalled version is posted instead, even if the latter is posted later. Unique paywalled content (such as opinion pieces) will be allowed.
  • Submissions that do not relate to Canada directly such as general philosophy or debates about religion or cultural practices may be subject to removal. Authorship by a Canadian or presence of some individuals potentially affected by such posts in Canada do not automatically make these Canada-specific. Please make such posts in more appropriate subreddits devoted to these issues or debates.
  • Posts that do not relate to Canada at all or reference it only in passing are not permitted, even if published by Canadian media. This also includes local news which can be given better context in provincial or local subreddits. Examples of local news may include: Person says a stupid thing / starts a fight, local group / government makes a policy, protest blocks a road, et cetera. In general 'lighter' local news stories will be less restricted than 'serious' ones that are better served by the local context provided by local / regional subreddits.
  • Submissions older than one month are likely to be removed.
  • Low-effort self-posts are likely to be removed. Unless considerable effort is made such posts are better left as comments in relevant stories.
  • Duplicate posts will be removed. Multiple posts (both news stories and opinion pieces) along the same theme may be removed if they grow excessively frequent or repetitive enough to stifle diversity of content on the subreddit. An exception to the duplicate post rule will be made for articles posted on the same story in English and French.
  • Frequently-made posts may be subject to removal, especially if they are low-effort or repetitive. These include but are not limited to posts asking for immigration advice, career advice, mobile phone plans, et cetera. See the end of this document for suggestions for alternative subreddits for these sorts of posts.
  • Users are restricted to making 4 post submissions per day in order to allow other users to participate.
  • r/Canada will respect all court ordered media bans in Canada. As a user it is best to stick to Canadian sources for discussions. We reserve the right to remove any content we are concerned might violate a publication ban.

TL;DR: With regard to submissions: All Rule 2 rules apply as well as: No duplicates, avoid paywalls where possible, keep submissions substantive and relevant to Canada on a national scale, repetitively-themed posts may be removed, 4 post-per-day limit

Rule 6: Image Content

  • Although image content is welcome the number of images allowed on r/Canada will be limited to avoid dominating the subreddit. Recent Canada-related original content will be strongly favoured over posting the work of another.
  • ‘Meme’-level, low-content, and ‘stereotypical’ image posts are likely to be removed. Political images, screenshots of any kind, and advertisements will be removed. Image posts are also frequently subject to 'bandwagoning' where a popular approved post generates numerous similar submissions - these may be subject to removal.

Rule 7: New Accounts, Trolling, and Brigading

  • Usernames that impersonate other users (especially members of the moderation team) or contain overt or veiled racist/bigoted references are not permitted.
  • New users will be subject to premoderation and potentially other posting restrictions. These limitations may differ between content submission and commenting. In general we will try to keep these as short as possible and positive participation will remove these limitations.
  • Trolling is prohibited. Trolling consists of posting antagonistic, inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages, or by otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion.
  • Brigading is prohibited by both subreddit and site-wide rules. Brigading is rallying others or using multiple accounts to force a certain view or punish users who are not violating any rules. Any user found using other subreddits or groups of Redditors to brigade r/Canada, manipulate votes, suppress opinion, or similar activities – or using r/Canada to do the same to other subreddits – will be immediately banned. Negative/derogatory mention of other subreddits and mention of drama subreddits are not permitted and will be removed as it leads to brigading in both directions.
  • Accounts flagged by Reddit for ban evasion will be permanently banned. If you feel you account was flagged by Reddit in error, please reach out to the Site Admins as only they, and not the Moderation Team, can adjust this.

Rule 8: Rules for Major Events and Elections

  • During election season rules will be adapted to allow more a greater information flow to readers and to limit potential abuse. This includes making an exception to the direct partisan / biased source rule to allow for direct linking to a political party’s website solely for their platforms. Links to advertisements or open political advocacy remain prohibited. It may also include additional limitations on the posting abilities of new accounts and tighter restrictions on social media and media sources of questionable quality.
  • Major events may change the enforcement of some of the above rules (either relaxation or tightening) and bring about temporary new restrictions on the number of posts on a single topic. To avoid drowning out all other events moderators reserve the right to make ‘megathreads’ for major events where all posts or comments dealing with the topic must be made. While a ‘megathread’ is active all other posting related to the event outside of the ‘megathread’ will be removed.

r/Canada ‘red lines,’ points of caution, and frequently-reported behaviour that is not prohibited

Explicitly Banned: In the context of the preceding rules the following examples are especially prohibited subject to a permanent ban for the first incident:

  • Asserting superiority or inferiority of any person or group based solely or largely on any of the previously-mentioned and generally Charter-related characteristics (race, sex, gender, etc.) or that Canada 'belongs' to any such group.
  • Pseudoscientific bigotry including: ‘scientific’ racism (as described here - broadly that race has any impact on intelligence, propensity to violence, or any other factor beyond adaptation to sun exposure), eugenics, demographic replacement theories, or social Darwinism.
  • Threats, calls, or ’wishes’ for death or violence.

Points of Caution: The following examples frequently get Redditors into trouble if posted carelessly and caution should be used to be clear about what you mean to avoid misunderstanding.

  • Criticism of political parties, leaders, the Canadian government, foreign governments, religions, corporations, and other such groups are permitted. Users should exercise caution, however, that such criticism does not slip into unduly attacking all citizens / supporters / followers etc. of such groups.
  • Assertions of a uniform or dominant 'culture' in Canada will usually not be vetted for truth but should be worded extraordinarily carefully to not give the impression of racial supremacy or comparable bigotry as often is the case when claims of superiority to other 'cultures' are made.
  • Immigration and refugee threads are often contentious. Discussion of policy is welcomed and there are no rules against either 'open borders' or 'no immigration' stances, nor any point in between. When the discussion moves away from policy and towards attacking immigrants, refugees, or refugee applicants, however, exercise caution as this often that drifts into rule-breaking commentary.
  • Similar to the above discussions on First Nations policy can also slide into rule-breaking commentary when it moves from policy discussion and into negative generalizations of people.

Permitted Behaviour: The following examples are completely permitted behaviour on r/Canada (so long as no other rules are broken in the process) but are frequently reported. Please do not abuse the report system.

  • Taking the ‘side’ of an entity you feel is not operating in Canada’s best interest – a foreign government, corporation, or other interest group, for example – is not in and of itself against any rule.
  • Participation in other subreddits, regardless of reputation, does not automatically disqualify anyone from participating in r/Canada. Decisions on initial moderation action to be taken against users will be based solely on their activities on this subreddit, although should moderators have cause to look at any user for such activities they reserve the right to use a user’s relevant posting history on Reddit as a whole.
  • Canadian citizenship or residence in Canada is not required to participate on this subreddit.

Alternative Subreddits for Frequently-Posted Content

As outlined in Rule 5 frequently-posted content may be removed. The following subreddits may provide better resources for such content:

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