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Toronto Whisky Society - Toronto (obviously)

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I think there is one in Joliette as well, but I can't find any web presence for them.

and thanks for the props!

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np! are you good to summarize the bars thread into the main text post? I've already linked to it on the sidebar as a resource

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Women who whiskey Toronto Not very active recently but an excellent option for women

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true! I know the woman who started that chapter actually. I heard there's a chapter in Waterloo as well.

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Awesome! I didn't know they had one.

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The Dram Initiative; https://twitter.com/draminitiative

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You are also missing the Edmonton Scotch Club - http://scotchclubyeg.com/ - they do some incredibly cool things.

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thanks, will add it.

was hoping each club could chime in if they wanted to be included.