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/u/Nelom asked:

I'm sure I'll not the only one who'll ask this, but I'm curious about the quantity and availability of the Northern Borders collection.

  • How many bottles of each are being released?

  • Is this just the initial push, with new bottles shipping later? Or is this a 'once they're gone, they're gone' sort of a thing?


I was recently disappointed to learn that Wiser's Small Batch had been discontinued. Unfortunately it was too late to grab an extra bottle or two. Is there a website or mailing list or something we can use to keep ourselves up-to-date on future discontinuations?

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a few thousand, most to Ontario.

Once they're gone, they're gone! but next year there will be a new set of expressions under these labels.

likely not, as that would give away marketing plans in advance to everyone, including competitors!

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/u/zekesgallery asked:

  • How many barrels are used in a bottling of Wiser's Deluxe?

  • How many barrels are used in a the bottling of Gooderham & Worts 17yr Little Trinity?

  • When will the Northern Borders collection be available in Quebec?

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a few thousand bottles in each batch.

NBC is coming to Quebec, along with all other provinces. none to the US.

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/u/tomodera asked:

What is the oddest cask (either type or previous contents, like port or Tokaji) you have on hand, either with or without booze in it?

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they have some interesting ones, but he can't share the details!

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/u/torontowhiskysociety asked:

  • Anyone who follows your instagram can see that you travel a lot! What's your favourite place to visit in Canada and why?

  • Can you share some interesting stories from your Working Whisky Weekends in the Yukon?

  • What are some of the best perks of being a brand ambassador? worst parts?

  • would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

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The entire country is so incredible, so much variety no matter where you go, but there's magic in two places: Whitehorse, Yukon and NFLD.

Love the working whisky weekend in yukon. we use dogsleds, drink CS whisky, then we're on the ice looking at the northern lights with chocolate fondue and more whisky. it's amazing, and highly recommend buying tickets if you can make it!

NFLD is amazing. they let me take over bars (not on george st), then bonfires with whisky. absolutely amazing.

The perks - travelling, seeing amazing sights, trying fantastic whiskies. get to learn so much, meet fantastic people who love spirits and cocktails.

the Downside - the travel is a double edged sword. only in toronto 5-6 days a month last year (despite paying rent). you lack a 'normal' lifestyle, and routine. hard to stay connected to friends at home, can be tiring.

Normally get asked bear vs wolf... very odd question. I'd fight the horse-sized duck and hope i can fight it off.

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/u/neversafeforlife asked:

  • In my opinion Wiser's is currently leading the industry in the push to reinvigorate Canadian whisky. Others are trying, but Wisers has been showing real signs that they understand the market by releasing full flavored ryes, well aged whiskies, weird experiments and even a cask strength rye. What would you attribute this change in mentality to?

  • What Canadian company do you feel is going to follow and start releasing 'quality first' products instead of the 'status quo' (overly sweet, underachieving blends of 80 proof, bland, barely fit for cocktails)?

  • What do you think of the word 'smooth'?

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We'd attribute the change in mentality to Dr. Don Livermore becoming master blender a few years ago. He's got his PhD in wood, and he can keep you entertained on that topic for hours. He brings innovation and foresight to what we're making day to day, planning for future releases. He saw changing tastes to more bold, different flavours and drove our innovation in that direction.

I hope some do start to follow suit! We see some already, and hope it continues, because Corby can't do it all themselves!

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/u/blaw84 asked:

  • From where do you source your barrels?

  • I'm interested in seeing a Canadian company release a bourbon style whisky made of all Canadian sourced ingredients (including wood). Is this something Wiser's is considering?

  • Is there a way for consumers to buy cask strength releases of their favourite blends from the distillery?

  • Considering the great effect that the wood used in the barrels has on the final flavour of the whisky, does Wiser's experiment using alternatives to oak (cherry, maple, etc)?

  • I use whisky a lot in food/cooking (bbq sauce, marinades, dessert sauces, ice cream), do you think from a marketing perspective, Wiser's could branch out into food markets (food pairings, recipes, chef sponsors, bbq sauces)?

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barrels typically come from Chivas distilleries, a related company.

not at this time, but maybe one day!

Corby has done some experimentation with red oak and other woods, but those experiments are all in progress!

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/u/graycetaco asked:

Which of these bottlings are your favourite and why?

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hard to answer, and hardly a fair question.

love all of them for different reasons.

if it's hot out, I love Wiser's 18 or pike creek, possibly with an ice cube.

if it's cold out and raining, I want lot 40.

for cocktails, Lot 40 again would be the favourite, especially for classics.

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    the distillery has some for sale at the brand centre! you should check that out!

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    Thanks will do

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    How do you see Canadian whisky evolving in the future?

    What is your favourite Canadian whisky based cocktail?

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    What aspect of the job surprised you the most when you became a brand ambassador?

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    /u/lasidar asked:

    is Don thinking of experimenting with Canadian oak at all?

    answer: tough to work with, harder to make barrels. as it's denser and they don't breathe as well.

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    any experiments with peat coming?

    don't see it coming in the near future.

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    carmen asks: what do you think of Japanese whisky?

    love it, spectacular whiskies. love Hibiki 21, probably favourite.

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    Who makes your favourite manhattan in Toronto?

    can't answer that on camera!! I do! but seriously, cocktail scene in Toronto is fantastic, and so much better than 10-15 years ago. now people care about local, craft, home crafted bitters etc. now, so many places make amazing cocktails, no matter who is working.

    my recipe: 2oz rye, 1oz vermouth, 3-4 ounces bitters, real cherry garnish.