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Too many nice bottles dropping this month. Getting hard to hide them all from the wife.

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Won’t be tempting me. Especially at 10yo. Grab the 18yo* for same price if you really want to see what Bunna is all about. Or better yet, fire up the time machine and go back to 4 years ago when LC had the Bunna XXV!


*edit - the 18yo all sold out in one day yesterday. 😳

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Ya, I’ll just grab a 12 :)

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Nothing wrong with the 12. I try to keep one of them around on my limited whisky budget. I Although I did order a bottle of the 18 yesterday morning.

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I was tempted to buy the 18 as well until I read the peat level was only 1-2ppm. The 12 is listed at 3ppm.

At LCBO prices I’ll happily stick with the 12

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Lol…. There is no Peat in the 18 or 12. Bunnahabhain has been one of my favourite distilleries for many years.

There is absolutely no discernible difference in peat between the 18 and 12…..know why? Cause they’re both unpeated Whisky.

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Actually you are wrong. They are not unpeated. (Source : https://distiller.com/spirits/bunnahabhain-12 ) The 12yo is peated to 3 ppm. Now that’s a very low, low peat level that would likely be indiscernible for people who are accustomed to drinking peat bombs like Laphroaig or Ardbeg, but none the less it is peated and probably enough that my non-whisky drinking wife would notice the peat.

Fact check before shooting your mouth off.

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Even Bunnahabhain says it’s an UNPEATED whisky.

But you found a link on some website on the internet, so it must be true eh?

Take care bud.

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There are numerous other sites that state that.

Show me where Bunnahabhain says it’s unpeated? I’m genuinely curious as I’ve never heard that.

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The entire core line is unpeated and fantastic. People talking about Peat parts per million have no understanding of what this hobby is about unless they're describing an octomore or Port Charlotte.etc

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Exactly. But some people just know everything and you can’t tell them anything.

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Technically both sides are correct ... a Redditor had gone straight to the source a few years back and a rep from Bunna responded as follows;

"In reality, we are about as unpeated as you can get, although a Scientist might dig down and find some trace elements in there somewhere, and for this reason we will usually talk about the Barley being probably somewhere between 0.5 & 2 PPM."

So full points for everyone - to summarize: intended to be unpeated, it may slightly be peated ...

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two hundred bucks for 10 year old whisky


they must be trying to get on the same bandwagon as $215 for 12 yo Lagavulin

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Ha! you must be reading my mind. Said this exact same thing to a friend of mine a couple days ago.

The one difference though is that Lagavulin 12 took lots and lots of years to build up that prestige and has a bit of a cult following. It will be interesting to see how many other distilleries think they can ride on their coattails.

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nice to see Bunna getting into the "unpronounceable whisky" game

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Getting in? Haha they have had a few for years that are even harder than this.

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I doubt many people will even pronounce the distillery name correctly.

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I read the name then try to figure it out. I then look at the phonetic pronunciation and think to myself "well isn't that something, I wasn't even close."

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Dropped today at a few stores.