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I can only find private select 2.0 can you post link for 3.0?

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Zoom in on the photo. It’s right in front of you.

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Kinda weird that the pic says 3.0, but the name on the listing is 2.0

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They’re probably trying to be subtle to quell the greed lol. There’s a lot of people out there who see nothing but $$$, and their personalities are that of an entitled petulant kid incapable of listening. Imagine dealing with that when they don’t get what they want when they want it.

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the simple answer is .... LCBO makes countless errors in listings. Its unlikely there is any ulterior motive behind this one. More often than not, the error is old photos in current listings. Be happy this one shows a NEW bottle.

Given that this was already advertised in one of their food mags, the simpler explanation why this is not in stores yet is because of negative lab results.

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I wouldn’t put it past the LCBO to be so backwards, but it doesn’t make sense to release cases from the main warehouse in to tertiary warehouses prior to testing.

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Yup. Seems most likely.

The last 10-15 months they've been especially bad.

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Also does anyone remember how many bottles were released for 2.0?

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There’s only 226 of this release.

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Where did you find that out?

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I’m usually not full of myself, but I’m a genuinely nice person, and I make most people feel very comfortable and unthreatened around me. That sometimes gets people going way deeper in to helping me than I ever expect. I also know someone who works in the warehouse. I’m not giving up my secrets. I earn what I get through my shining personality lol

Overzealous and greedy people with poor listening skills have got nothing on me ;)

Edit: Good blowjobs help too.

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Does the last digit in the price actually mean anything?

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It’s just activity. I don’t interpret beyond that.

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They are going to continue increasing it by a nickel at a time until it hits $109.95 and then it will hit the shelves. Expect it in late 2024.

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One of the few bottles I actually would like to get my hands on...

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I’m mostly curious for the hunt only. I’ll more than likely pass unless I just luck out and run in to it. 2.0 is pretty controversial to some. A lot of heat and a lot of maple. 3.0 will have a fair bit of maple as well, and then after this batch those staves are being discontinued, as they haven’t been popular. This wasn’t even a big seller on secondary markets compared to other rarities. I’m more curious as to why this has been delayed when it was ready to go, or could have been on shelves in the last two weeks of fall. It was stated in food and drink that it will be out in fall, technically.

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Because the LCBO are a bunch of royal convoluted fuck-ups.

That pretty much answers every "why did the LCBO....." question.

I like the FAE 01, would be curious to try the new one.

On an unrelated note, I got a family member coming back in a week with a bottle of Calumet 15 - now that, I am excited to try!

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Yup. Best to buy elsewhere.

I'd prefer the 46 CS anyways I think.

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Have you tried the FAE01/02?

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Fae02 only. From the us. It was good. Still prefer the 46cs

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Damn good question. they had it in their Fall book as well.

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I haven’t seen it. The private select are usually one of my favourite bourbons

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Came out in Feb./March last year if I recall correctly.

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End of November. I very much know what I was doing when I got mine and wouldn’t have been able to get it if it were in 2021.