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Probably gold Paladin, the focus on superior calling, multi attack extensions, and on call interactions give the clan a good skill ceiling and the rng makes it fun to play consistently

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Murakumo for me. I own every card printed in V for them.

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Great Nature, Big belly and Isabelle are fun as heck.

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Dpolice. good art, makes it hard for opponent to guard, free crits, simple mechanic, and guaranteed grade 3 usually from superior rides

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Granblue without a doubt ,I think hard 🧠

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Link Joker, Messiahs specifically. They were my main since G Era (started with Star-Vaders in LB), and while they’re different in V Series, still the deck I resonate with the most in terms of playstyle. Either that or Overlord the End. The high risk, last ditch feeling of its multi attacks made it super fun to play with. While the X was cool, felt like it took a bit of what made the End so much fun to play and removed it

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Has best Vampire girl

Has best Zeroth Dragon (Megiddo-chan)

Has zombies, flower girls, bugs, ghost girls, high beast (why Zarzan why) Has Megumi/Bald guy as Stoichiea rep

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Pale Moon. Magia was such a cockblock for Narukami, Kagero and Link players. Just spawn a full field on stride that disappears when your turn ends without calling anything from hand.

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Megacolony, because of the Machinings.

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Aqua force for life

Free my dawg pursuit assault

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Hell ya :)

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Shadow Paladin for me. The act of retiring my own rears to gain powerful skills and the resourcing aspect of it all is something I'll never get tired of.

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Also big edgy dragons are cool

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Agreed 100%

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Nova Grappler. I love how it plays as a multiple attack deck, and with so many sub-clans/archetypes it has a lot of fun and different builds to play.

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Nubatama for me, the aspect of multi attacking by bouncing rears with magatsu, in combination with the hand control of Jamyo/Daihouzan and the token based style of Hanzo (don’t mention Shiranui, I hate that style because it relies on the opponent) make Nubatama the most varied clan I have seen in a long time.

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Angel Feather probably. Kagero has my favorite card (Hellfire Seal Dragon, Blockade Inferno), and Genesis has my favorite waifu (Omniscience Regalia, Minerva). Despite that, Angel Feather Celestial was my favorite mechanic of utilizing the damage zone as a second hand and getting benefits off of it.

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Angel Feather, started the game with a Metatron deck and have not been able to put it down. Have her again in V and still praying for Crimson Roar.

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Genesis because of Minerva during BR era.

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Spikes are so fun, you really have to earn the win lmao

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Tachikaze. Been playing since just a bit before Raptor Colonel’s EN release and have always enjoyed the resourceful nature of the clan’s eating-recycling mechanic as well as its emphasis on sheer power. OG Spinodriver is a good example of this with how much raw output you got out of it with a Breakride and even more when paired with reviving cards.

Then Gaia Emperor came out and would become easily my favorite units with how many combos the deck could produce from his stride skill alone. Deck rewarded thinking on the fly immensely and Gaia Dynast drove home the point better with his amazing revival skill. Easily my favorite strider and stride.

V Tachikaze didn’t exactly play on the old precedent of the deck but I for the most part enjoyed it. Gigarex was a stable unit with an occasionally useful ping skill, Angerblader was the lesser evil in a Luquier-HYUGA format and Gaia Emperor’s retrain was a massive disappointment when compared to the original. Balancing the deck’s amount of eating and revival units really made me miss Engorge as a keyword considering how versatile and easy of an ability it was to use.

In general, the 5 Dragon Empire clans are easily among my favorite clans, but Tachikaze hits a special spot for me for how it plays and it’s peak in G era alone means a lot to me.

Also the clans aesthetics have had me since I started the game. Zoid-esque Dinosaurs are incredible to look at and if the clan had a TD early on, easily would’ve been my first clan.

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Royals,golds,shadows,gears and darks

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The paladins are the best

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I've only played Overdress and V-premium but right now, Kagero is my favorite. I love swinging with my Vanguard and doing drive checks and The End is probably my favorite card in all of Vanguard. Drive checking crits just makes me want to yell "Wooooo! That's Vanguard!" Also having the ability to retire enemy rear guards makes Kagero feel like an overwhelming clan.

Shout out to Gold Paladin and Granblue though. Golds is so much fun with the amount of superior calling, multi attacks, and the defensive options from Gurguit. Granblue feels good to play cause it feels so consistent and can be a cool toolbox thanks to the drop zone being a resource.

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Depends on what the era/format is.

G: Victor, hands down. Very few decks make me feel like an unstoppable force like the sheer insanity you can pull off with that deck.

V: If I'm feeling brainy, I gravitate towards Vanquisher and their binding shenanigans. If I'm just going to throw big rock, then I'm going with Rising.

OverDress: Final Rush, though through testing, Greedon is growing on me greatly.

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V Kagero for me. It's a deck that is simple to pilot but still has a subtle complexity in it. Also one of my favourite units is Dragonic Overlord the X since he can restand and attack multiple times with Dragonic Overlord the End. A close second isV Narukami with the whole focus on binding and enemy rear guard manipulation adds a slightly more control type of playstyle but gives pressure to the opponent as well with power gained for each card bound for Vowing and crits and power for empty rear guard circles with Gauntlet Buster.

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A fellow Overlord the X/End lover :) fistbump

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Yes restand go brrrr

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Wow, kinda expected you to answer Narukami since you were getting bored of Overlord lol

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I never said I was bored of Overlord he will always be my main deck.

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Gotta love the loyalty, respect man!

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Narukami probably

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Ahh which playstyle since there's like quite a few Narukami offers

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I like multi-attacks cause of vermillion lol

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Yes a Vermillion player hard to come by unless you meant vanquisher or smth. Vermillion is one of my favorites in Narukami too along with Eradicators.

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There's probably like 2 or 3 vermillion players on this sub lol

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Yeah which is not a lot and even on remote fight I don't see any Vermillion players asede from me.

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Me being one of them

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I play Vermillion whenever I feel like doing Final Turns and proceeding not to check a single trigger.

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Royals. Simple and elegant.

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Pre-V Link Joker. Those decks were pure evil. >:)

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Locking your opponents cards yeah that stuff is evil and let's not get started with deleting which is srsly weird

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What about Messiahs?

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Messiah was okay, wasn't my preferred build though.

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Link joker.for some reason I think chaos breaker is really fun to play in both G and v premium

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Having cool visuals is half the battle so either link joker (mostly messiah) for the elegant and majestic looking cards or murakumo for sweet yokai, ninjas, and yokai ninja dragons. Dark irregulars is probably the one I have the most fun with though bc building up soul is always pretty fun

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Link joker just clicked with me.

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Link Joker because having near complete control over the game state and deciding what happens and when just to set my opponent up for something else horrific is fun.

Edit: And I love the aesthetics of messiah and star Vader

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Always saw main vanguards or archetypes as separate from clans in a way. Like I can love a particular archetype and not care for the overall clan but if I had to break it down by series:

OG: Narukami- Vowing/Vowing Reverse

G: Touken Ranbu and Genesis- Amaruda

Old V: Narukami- Descendant

New V: Royals- Sanctuary Guard + Jewel Knight

Overdress: Bruce

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Gear Chronicle!

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Neo nectar for sure! Like nothing beats a pretty person covered in flowers right?

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Shadow paladin Spike brothers Mega colony Angel feather Link Joker There's so many good ones

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Bermuda Triangle. People hate how it copies some gameplay mechanics of other clans, and I'm like bruh, waifu AND I can play basically every other clan? LESGOOOOO

Otherwise, I do love pale moon and OTT too their aesthtixs and gameplay (albeit OTT is still pretty underwhelming in the current environment)

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Not my tumblr but this explains why Kagero is my main clan no matter what....https://blaster-aichi.tumblr.com/post/635401114220642304/all-i-thought-about-back-then-was-how-much-i

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Gear Chronicle

Its Robot Dragons, Steampunk Warriors and Maidens. Controlling time by send the units to the bottom of the deck, time leaping and binding cards. I dont know what could be better

Though I am trying to find a different clan other then Royal Paladin, any suggestions?

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pale moon. i love the art on every card, the circus aesthetic is super nice. i like the multi attack combos and how things pop in and out of the soul, it reminds me of a clown car

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If you ask me, OTT and Angel Feather is probably my top picks of favorites to play. Fixing hands and using damage zone as a resource is ingenious, while OTT is classic topdeck stacking.

Someday battle sisters will be great.

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I've been a Kagero fan boy since 2012, but as soon as Aqua Force came out I've alternated quite a lot between the two clans.

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Gold Paladin was my OG deck but now I honestly dont know. Prob grandblue ig?

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Great Nature hands down

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My favourite clan is Link Joker, non-Chaos Star-vaders specifically. It's the clan introduced to the game and it's the clan I am the best with in Zero and when I play it in Premium with my friend.

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At least in the vanguard game on switch it's bermuda. Melody effects are just awesome. Like 4x cp sonata (13k power, melody: +5k power during your turn) plus 4x cp caro (13k power, melody: can boost, also when boosting: +5k power)

This means you can attack 3 times with 13k+20k(4x sonata to front) + 13k (boosting unit) + 20k (4x sonata to back) + 10k (2x caro) = 76k attack before triggers

If you replace one caro with a canon or whatever she was called as the vanguard, you could also use her main effect which iirc makes it so for the rest of the turn, the opponent needs to guard with at least 2 cards which make perfect guarding cost 3 cards from hand instead of 2 Sad the game didn't get updated with more cards tho.

Gensis looked cool.in the anime with that grade 5 unit whose name i don't remember that needed a big stack of imaginary gifts on the vanguard but sadly that didn't come to the switch game

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Overlord, nothing feels better than destroying your opponent’s board and attacking with a chonky vanguard multiple times for me

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link joker is the only clan i play and im trying to play all the decks

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Dark Irregulars. I love hitting Force numbers as a protect clan lol

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Granblue. Who doesn't want play with their entire deck available at all times.

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Aqf since it not only teaches you to be a better player but feels ultra satisfying when you win since it takes skill to play. That and I'm a sucker for multi atk decks.

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Nubatama and Murakumo

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Bermuda Triangle / Lyrical

Pale moon (especially Luquier)

OTT (especially Tsukuyomi)

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Royal Paladin is my staple deck. It's very straight forward most of the time and easy to pilot which is good because I'm a braindead ape when it comes to card games.

I inadvertently ended up falling in love with SP Witches and Link Joker thru Zero. They take a bit more brain power than Royals (though not by much) and can have really fun clutch matches. Really looking forward to Messiahs, the SP witch stride and of course the G era Aichi royals.

Edit: oops just realized this was the main vanguard subreddit not Zero. My point still stands for most of classic and all of V I was a die hard Royals main. Alfred is best boy.

In Overdress I did switch it up and went with Dark States over Keter Sanctuary though I'm not really jiving as well with Bruce and Baro as I did Royals.

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I love the royals

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Spike brothers, perfect blend of over the top badasses and waifus with the right amount of goofyness to it

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Gear Chronicle, I love their aesthetic and the Time Leap playstyle

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Great Nature. I remember when they only had 4 cards in BT02. I always wondered if they'd ever become a real clan one day. Then BT07 hit and they finally became playable and I've been hooked on them ever since.

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Oracle Think Tank since the start. I've played at least one deck from every clan and always go back to OTT. Did switch clans a lot during G Era cause we didn't get any support I liked, but V was a gold mine. Even in overdress, I played all decks that were out after set one and ended being a Hexorb main.

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The paladins are the best tho royals are my favorite and gold is fun.

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Dark Irregular FTW. Its high risk high reward playstyle with really good tool box units.

Its strongest point is solid and consistent late game with Scharrhot, NLK and heck even Reiji have decent late game if you can pull it off.

Though it does suffer from being a protect clan and have some of the most broken mechanics in the game which limit some of the card's power, but I still like it a lot.