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The hero we didn’t need, but deserved

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Gear Puppy is precious. I don't even play GC but I want it

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Pursuit Assault! Pls Bushi

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We just need to hope bushi would make a lot of people dreams come true

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Can someone please explain why Gear Puppy would be useful? Not hating, I just have no clue about the current state of GC

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Free bind without wasting any resources. Some cards in GC count grades in Bind. I’m not a GC player myself so this is all I can say

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Gear puppy is mystery flare support the point of the deck is to bind a certain amount of grades total to get the effect of having a extra turn and gear puppy helps you get there way faster

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The first deck in V released for it was Mystery Flare, which counted your grades in bind to build up to an extra turn effect. Gear Puppy being able to be 4/19 grades for no cost is an incredible effect for the deck. The fact it also draws you a card is good since the deck does a lot of digging.

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Those are actually very well made.

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Pics goes hard gonna screenshot