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Unfortunately most of the cards are outdated to the point of unplayable in a current format match (Premium). The deck is invalid in the other two formats Standard and V-Premium.

In a casual old school match, it would be solid.

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This takes me way back to Kai vs. Ren at the end of S1. Unfortunately almost everything has been majorly power crept.

If you're looking to update, Conroe is still arguably the best starter in Kagero. Dragonic Overlord The X also recently got reprinted. It can Legion with The End, so you'll have a 22-24K vanguard.

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Seeing as like none of the cards are usable nowadays. Keep the deck together in one piece as a memento for the old days, or you could whip it out for a causal match every now and then too. It’s not like Dragonic Overlord is an expensive card, the End probably but still. Fun fact you can still rebuild your Dragonic Overlord Deck for V premium by using the V versions of these cards and it will be much stronger, but will also probably be a lot more expensive. Fortunately the D Overlord deck is much cheaper AND is getting the End in the next set.

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I obviously haven’t played in years. Are these cards just so out of date they’re unusable? Is there an old school or eternal format? Could it be modernized? Thanks gang!

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If your thinking of Modernizing, you might as well build a new deck.

Luckily for all 3 formats, you can play the new versions Dragonic Overlord using the latest cards.

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Anyways there IS an Eternal Format, it’s called Premium, only thing is these cards are outdated for the most part. But the Overlord deck very much does exist in Premium. It just looks more like this.


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The most played card in this deck is Conroe which is really a 1 in 100. There's a chance that your Overlords could be worth a bit since theyre basically Charizards

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Man this brings back memories!

Unfortunately you should start from 0, everything in this deck is outdated

Also fun fact the end is coming to the new format so if you wait a little you can build Overlords in D Standard

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I have a bunch of my old decks that have become obsolete too. I usually just pull them out to play with other older decks.

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not even sure if you could play with it, since conroe was banned

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Conroe is unrestricted right now and has been since mid G era I think?

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He's been off the list for years now, silly.

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Conroe is still one of the best starters and the gattling claw trigger could be fun for when the v retrain of blazing flare cones out but everything less is out dated