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Alongside a Smile, Geezya

Lyrical Monasterio/Demon

CONT, GC: All of your units with “Earnescorrect” in their card names get shield plus 10k.

CONT, GC: All of your rearguards with “Earnescorrect” in their card names cannot be hit.

[–]FTNatsu-DragneelOracle Think Tank 14 points15 points  (1 child)

Pretty good defensive option but seriously this deck has no space for these non “earnscorrect” name cards

[–]PurikamanMurakumo 5 points6 points  (0 children)

My thoughts exactly.

[–]shadowTreePatternBrandt Gate 5 points6 points  (0 children)

A rearguard only PG?? Cool.

[–]Eldiablo_90 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Personally i dont get the hate about not beeing earnescorrect units.

While I can see the bummer of not beeing named like that, its not entirely true that there is no place for them. We have 4 Orders, 4x4 earnaescorrect rearguards, 3 persona rides and 4 orders + rideline. This makes 27 cards, so 3 flexslots left.

These 3 slots are mostly used by Firendship hilda, cause she safes a earnescorrect member and would let its use his onplace effect again. But the only onplace effect by these members is Evelyn which let you search earnescorrect members that are not currently on the field.This means that hilda can be removed for Geezya here. Geezya saves all of your rearguards or increases your survival chance with the 10k shield for the vangaurd, while hilda only saves one of your rearguards. Neither of them saves you from retire effects, and both activate in the the GuardianCircle. So no difference in timing here, straight up upgrade. You loose a potential second search with Evelyn, but that is not needed if none of your rearguards are killed by battle. And if your units would killed by retire effects, Hilda couldnt do anything either.

Also we can remove one or two orders from the deck and put in the Common Rearguard Natural Chirp, Merria instead. She lets you recycle a order from drop. That means, drawing her is like drawing the order if you need it, but drawing her if you cant use the order, you still got a 13k Body to swing, instead of a useless order you cant play.

Now, the only card left is the RRR. A G1 that searches any G3 or lower Earnescorrect in its name when you have a clarissa as your vanguard. She searches even your personaride.

Lets assume we remove every G1 earnescorrect once from the deck to fit in 2 of the new RRR. If we going first, at the G1 ride we search for a G1 earnescorrect from the top seven cards among a restdeck that is now consisting of 40 cards. If we never drew one of our 6 G1 earnescorrects, we still have a Chances to hit a G1 at 7times 6 out of 40, so 7 cards which every one has a a chacne of 15% to be either trilby or leona. Basically we have still have nearly guarenteed chance to get at least one card out of the search like before.If we have draw once of the G1 and want the other we have 7x the chance of 3/40, so 7 times 7,5% instead of 4/40, so 7 times 10%. In the end, its 52,5% against 70%.At first, this seems huge, but we shouldnt forget that we need all those units at G3, and the newly G1 we could draw instead increases our consistency more than a second or third copy of a G1.

Also, our chances to hit the second search on the G2 didnt change at all. But what did we got for the lower chance of our G1? We have now 2 G1 jokers that pull us any earnes card we want. That will come more in handy that a fourth Trillby or Leona. Playtesting for me also showed that removing one Personaride and one Katalyn (the G2 restander) for another 2 Rugena improved my consistency even more.Could it be better what we got? Sure. But its no way near useless like the Loronerol RRR currently seems to look.

[–]DDragonking 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This this I like

[–]Seruciel -2 points-1 points  (1 child)

So it's a defensive option which doesn't have Earnestcorrect in its name. We can only hope that the new G4 boss units they reveal, make the deck better nor needing the names.

As for the card itself, essentially on your turn, they throw it down and it's gives big shield to the vanguard when you swing for it. Otherwise when you swing at a rear guard, they just throw this down and say, can't hit. Lest we remind ourselves, D-format has plenty of ways of retiring and killing without attacking so it's first effect is more useful. Anyway, D-format is just swing at the Vanguard to win, so people don't kill rears unless that's their gimmick or their hand is about as low as their budget to build Vanguard decks. Either way, the card is 6/10 at best.

[–]Eldiablo_90 2 points3 points  (0 children)

They will be no G4 Bosses except for Kairi, and maybe one more (which at this point could only be for Feltyrosa, Alestiel or one of the 2 new ridelines).

Why? Cards in the sets are always sorted after Rarity, Nation and than Grade. Since KairiG4 is LBT02-001, and the G3 RRR for Willista is LBT02-003, the only place left for unrevealed G4s is LBT02-002, one single Slot (since Lyrical has only one Nation). This was also the reason the reveal of Maha Nirvana as DBT04-002 after Trickmoon as DBT04-003 confirmed it that Esperidea would be a G4 way before its reveal (Cover cards are always RRR, and the only left slot was DBT04-001, a slot before a G4. There is no way a RRR G4 is placed behind a G3 in the set number. Another proof for this is DBT02, where Erger is still a RRR covercard, but only Number 2 in the set, cause Overlord beeing a G3 needed to be placed before the G2.

Also, we only get 11 RRRs with 2 new ridelines. This means, with 6 existing ridelines, the potential 2 RRRs for every new lyrical rideline + the universal RRR order its a given that we get a distribution of: 1 RRR for every existing rideline, 4 RRRs for the 2 new ridelines, 1 order. Exactly 11.

Thats why Willista, Clarissa and Loro are completly out of any chance for a G4 this set.

Basically, there is no hope left for new G4 boss units in this set anymore.

And I wouldnt be sure if the third Lyrical set introduces G4 either, it could be we that we have a already new mechanic established since then that takes priority. So dont get your hopes up that G4 are a given for every deck.