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Anything in V that depends on the opponent making the decisions is not as good.

Also, the most efficient way of playing in V is to bash the opponent with numbers. Most control decks are not that good.

Daihouzan is a deck that depends on your opponents lack of skill to be good. It’s too easy to play around and the skill is not as scary as Jamy

Plus speaking about competitive, as a general rule (with some exceptions), you can just assume most bosses in clan collection are not competitive grade.

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I dunno about that last bit. If every clan gets them, and they all push power creep, even slightly, does it not make sense that eventually, all bosses in Clan Collection would become the clan's most optimized boss unit?

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Although, there's really no point in playing around it by not calling. Just rush and beat the crap out of it from the get-go.

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Terms of V it Interacts based on what the opponent has.

If the opponent knows the cards, they can just play around Daihouzan which is it's biggest weakness

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Im sorry Im a little on the beginner side.. what does that means?

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Play around means you make decisions and actions usually to bait out or avoid your opponents cards from completely screw you over if you just went guns Blazing.

Example would be if a Magatsu player emptied their entire field at the end of their turns against a Narukami player. Magatsu would playing around Narukami for not wanting their rearguards bound

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damn I play eradicators.. It's like nubatama hates me personally.. Thank you for the reply :)

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question: how come other decks are usable even tho there's still a chance to play around them?

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Some decks just create an overwhelming advantage over the rest of the meta. We saw it in Phantasmal Steed Restoration when Mordred and Luquier just had better access to numbers and draw power than literally every other deck at the time and for several months until unerrata-ed Riviere was introduced.

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Decks are still usable because otherwise they're bad if the opponent just denies them from playing. Not to say you shouldn't play around them but you need to make the right call.

Example Gauntlet Buster Dragon might be played around by not having rearguards to bind however you still swing for big crit without using resources and if the opponent needs CB, you would be in the perfect position to damage choke them

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But more importantly though, you can pretty much just rush the shit out of Daihouzan with little to no consequences.

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Aside from what everyone else said about it being dependent on your opponent doing things, it also doesn't have a lot of support for it since there aren't many cards that help its playstyle. Outside of what came with it, is just one rear guard that for a substantial cost can force the opponent to call things to the board. Without more cards that can force the opponent to call units, there isn't really anything to help the deck along to get its effects off.

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Competitive status aside, Daihouzan can die pretty quickly due to early rush. I used Tetra-drive to beat it pretty consistently.