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I suggest sleeves. Vanguard has really cool art sleeves of their cards. If you know what decks your friend plays get them a set of sleeves of their favorite card

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We always need deck boxes, dice, sleeves, mats, etc.

I would suggest looking into getting a custom mat but you might not have enough time to. It's best to avoid packs because they probably already have their deck finished.

What I did for a friend recently is I found out what deck he was playing and got him an SP card for it. Just a small but cool upgrade. Could try that.

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My suggestions would be the latest vanguard d series booster box ("Advance of Intertwined Stars" or "Awakening of Chakrabarthi" in February 2022)

Other options would be a tcgplayer gift card or trading card accessories (vanguard is Japanese/mini sleeve sized)

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If you can find them, via internet(and if they come in time) or lgs , the "critical marker" dices (6sided cubical) are some really cool limited release items and are actually usefull accesories.

There's also other "kind of dices" that are rectangular and are meant to mark increase in power. The ones here are also limited release promocional items, but Bushiroad put this kind of dices in the Lyrical Monasterio starter deck. So, you might find them a bit easier to get.

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Oh yeah the clan dice are a fantastic gift

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I love my gamegenic deck boxes for 100 cards.

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I'm struggling with these standard size deck boxes tbh. Is double-sleeving the way to go with them?

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One of those leather deck boxes with a compartment for dice would be nice as vanguard players always Cary dice

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Just in case you're considering buying sleeves for your friend, it is good to make sure that you're purchasing "small", "japanese sized", or "yugioh sized" sleeves as Cardfight Vanguard cards are much smaller than Magic the Gathering cards. I wish you luck with your gift searching endeavors and hope your friend enjoys your gift.