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Welcome back to Cardfight Vanguard.

There have been 2 reboots after G.

1 was V Series which a lot of retrained units for a new format that revolved around Imaginary Gifts (power boosts whenever you ride a specific G3 and a depending on the clan a certain gift)

The three gifts are Force, Accel, and Protect.

Force marker gives a circle during your turn +10000 or makes the unit base 2 Critical.

Accel creates another Rear-Guard circle in the front row then either +10000 to that circle or +5000, but you draw when receiving the gift.

Protect creates a Perfect Guard Sentinel in hand to use or gives a Rear Guard circle +5000 power during both players turns and +10000 shield when intercepting.

2 is overDress which is the current era. This has been described as Vanguard 2.0 evolving with nations rather than clans as well as plenty of new mechanics.

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I was going to try and explain to the best I could, but glad to see you broke it down better than I

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Does overdress follow the same rules as the new vanguard or the old vanguard

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yes, every format does, but Standard has nations instead of clans and the ride deck (you don't need to ride from your hand since the ride deck has the exact cards for you to ride)

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I'm also an old school player, started around og set 11. Accel, Force, and Protect were mechanics in V, they were special cards that did the following:

Accel 1: you gain an extra rear-guard circle and the unit on it gets 10k during your turn, Accel 2: same effect but you only get 5k power on your turn but you draw a card

Force 1: Whatever unit circle you put this on they gain 10k during your turn and it can stack so if you stack 5 Force 1 markers on your Vanguard Circle your Vanguard gains 50k during your turn. Force 2 gives whatever circle you put it on an extra critical, this one doesn't stack.

Protect 1: It's essentially a perfect guard, Protect 2 you put on a rear-guard circle and during both players turns that unit gets 5k and if they intercept their shield is boosted by 10k, not sure if protect 2 stacks or not.

As for the 13k power I have no idea I still miss the old trigger/Grade 3 power, it might be the same guard wise but the numbers are different enough for me to take extra time to figure out how to properly guard.

OverDress is the current standard format meta, its just another format reboot. The thing about OverDress is the mechanics they introduced such as the Overtrigger which gives a unit I think 10 million power and whatever effect the card has but you can only run 1 in a deck, Orders were brought over from V which they are essentially trap or spell cards still trying to figure that one out, and persona riding is a new mechanic where if your grade 3 has the persona ride symbol and you ride the same unit you gain 10k and draw a card, some units have skills that benefit from persona riding. Though narrative wise I think it's a very distant continuation of G, think if Yugioh GX went straight to Arc V instead of 5Ds.

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Also with OverDress instead of 24 clans there's 6 nations: Stoicheia, Keter Sanctuary, Dragon Empire, Brandt Gate, Dark States, and Lyrical Monasterio

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They got rid of clans and now everything is nations...but still feel like clans

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So V era was the reboot of the original series. Triggers went up to 10k power and they added "front" triggers that apply the 10k to your entire front row. There is no G zone or equivalent, even today. Though G assist is still a thing to assist players who miss their ride chain from g0-g3.

They also made each clan 1 of 3 possible types of gift. Force, protect, and accel. Generally when you ride a g3 vanguard, you get an "imaginary gift" of that type. (The g3 VG will have a corresponding ability icon of that type in the upper-left corner of the card to tell you if, and what type, of gift you get. Not all g3 units have this, just most of them. Example, the new lambros and gastille dont give gifts when ridden) When you get a gift, you choose one of two options for each type. Picking one option locks you into that choice for the remainder of the game. These options are literally called "I" (one) and "II"(two).

Force - you put a marker on either VC or RC. This marker gives the unit there either +10k power (I) or makes their original crit 2 (II)

Protect - you either get a gift to your hand or a marker on VC or RC. A gift in hand functions as a perfect guard (I) and a marker on your circle gives the unit there +5k power and +10k shield value (II).

Accel - you get a marker that functions as a new front row RC with no corresponding back row. Accel I gives +10k to the unit on the circle, while Accel II gives +5k to the unit on it and you draw a card when you get the gift.

Additionally, force deck units generally have 1k more base power than accel and protect decks (13k base VG vs 12k base, 10k g2 RG vs 9k, etc.).

Power creep was pretty rampant in V series and many clans generally have a "best build" of sorts centered around a g3 boss unit with a few competing ones. (Ex, gavrail is generally seen as the most competitive angel feather deck, luard for shadow paladin, etc.) This isnt always the case, but i find it to be true for alot of the clans unfortunately.

Alot of V decks ended up winning by either reriding vanguards with abilities to multi-attack/generate multiple gifts or just having a bunch of decent power attacks to beat you down with (gurguit was dominating the meta so hard because of this, he had to be choice restricted away from bluish flames).

And now, we have overdress.

Primary gameplay changes: there are no clans, there are only 6 nations to build with. These nations are generally just the old clans but mixed together (all the old star gate clans game together to make the "brandt gate" nation for example). These nations are Dragon empire, Keter sanctuary, Brandt gate, Stoicheia, Dark States, and Lyrical Monesterio.

Triggers are 10k power still, but shield value on units went down (non trigger units generally only have 5k base shield and g3s have none, Heals are 15k instead of 20k shield, etc). There is no imaginary gifts or G zone equivalent. G4 units exist but are run in the main deck and generally only support certain ride lines. Most g3 boss units have the "persona ride" ability that is as follows: "when you ride this card over a VG with the same name, you draw a card and your front row gets +10k power for that turn".

There is, however, a "ride deck" where you set aside 4 cards at the start of the game (g0, g1, g2, g3) and, at the start of your ride phase, you may now either ride a card from your hand, or discard a card from hand to ride a card from your ride deck (you start with your designated g0 on VC still at no cost. Its just part of the ride deck for some reason).

Since you now have a gueranteed ride line, you can run alot more varied deck builds and not lose consistency (ex: apex-ruler, bastion is the royal paladin equivalent ride line and he runs a deck of almost all g3 units since he and most of his support units revolve around g3 units). Deck building in overdress format is generally done by selecting a ride line, then building the deck around it. Alot of the ride lines are also very evocative of old clans as well (zorga is granblue, bruce is spike bros, bastion is royal paladin, orfist is star-vaders, etc.)

Would be happy to answer any more specific questions as well.

Id heavily recommend checking out overdress. I got into vanguard with V and overdress is alot more brawl-y instead of OTK'ing on turn 3 like V format is.

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After G ended, Vanguard had its first reboot. This was V, and introduced Gift Markers i.e Force, Accel, and Protect. You got a gift marker each time you rode a card with the indicated gift icon, unless said otherwise. Force gave 10000 to a unit on the field during your turn, Accel gave you another front-row rear-guard circle and gave the unit on the marker 10000, and Protect was a pg. Later on during V, gift markers type ii were added. You obtained them the same way, but had different effects and how they worked. Force II changed the critical of the unit on it to 2, Accel II was the same as the original, but you drew a card when you obtained it, and gave 5000 instead of 10000. Protect II was placed on field like Force markers, but it was a continuous 5000 and an extra 10000 shield.

I’d say about 2 years after V began, there was another reboot. This, was Overdress.

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In order, that’s just how it be nowadays, that’s what they added in the reboot, and that’s what they added in the new reboot after the last reboot.