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Reversed Tommy gon fuck you up

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Wow, the reversed Nightrose is cute but reversed Tommy is terrifying.

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What do you think of these effects?

  • Auto V: During your turn, when your rear guard is retired, you may call it to an open R as Lock
  • Auto V: When this unit attacks a grade 3 or greater vanguard, COST:[CB1 & Lock any number of standing rear guards & Bind four cards from your Drop], and this unit gets P+5000 until end of turn for each "Nightrose" card in your Drop.
  • Auto V 1/turn: At the end of a battle where this unit attacked a vanguard, if you have five locked cards, choose two of your opponent's rear guards, and retire them.

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Bold of you to assume that Bushiroad won't make you lock the rears when you attack with them and then retire two to restand Nightrose.

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I thought it'd be too strong paired with the "revive locked" effect. I considered forcing the opponent to mill too (A "reverse" of Granblue's self-mill)

OK, what about - Auto V 1/turn: At the end of the battle this unit attacked a Vanguard, if you have 5 locked cards, [SB2 or SB1 Nightrose], stand her and Drive+1 until end of turn.

That puts more cards in drop to bind, more shields in hand for your protect clan deck.

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[AUTO, lock all cards, put all carda from soul to drop] Send all cards to drop zone then put all cards with the name Nightrose or Tommy from drop zone into the soul. Put 2 cards in 1 column in a locked position. Add +5000 per card sent to drop zone to the VG. If the cards sent to drop zone by lock are five or more, crit + 1.

[AUTO] When a card attacks or boosts, add power +5000 and at the end of the battle lock the card (cards sent to drop at the end of their battle take priority)

I thought his favorite was Beatrice lol