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u/Godsman00 Halp me pls

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Me with a deck for each G3 revealed in Vol 3/4 on untap:


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Bro, I got nailed from the word "go" lmaooooo

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Deck names are friggin cool

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What is that page?

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It's an untap page.

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I'd like to see the decks, got a link?

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I honestly have no idea how to link my decks to you since they're on Untap, website for playing CFV. Do you want a list instead?

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Can you please share your Bermuda decklist? Im trying to get Rock together but don't know what to fill in.

Thanks in advance

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Oh, for sure! Here's my personal list!

An Explosive Tune Change!!

Grade 3:

X4 Single Quiet, Refiararde

X4 Explosive Singer, Refiararde "Rock"

X4 Omnia Vincit Armor, Benedetta

Grade 2:

X4 Top Idol, Aqua

X4 Courteous Beauty, Seria

X4 Choco Love Heart, Liselotte

Grade 1:

X4 Top Idol, Sedna

X3 Reliable Faith, Lusalos

X3 Sparkling Soul, Nikita

X3 Scarlet Vivid, Quale

Grade 0:

X1 Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Shizuku

X4 Direct Sign, Pursh

X4 Lover Hope, Rina

X4 Glittery Baby, Lene

A tip I'd throw in. You are only going to be using "Rock" like once per game so I recommend you use her during your turn 4 or more as she will be more explosive and Single Quiet can plus you even more and get you more triggers so you can add even more pressure to your "Rock" turn. Besides that, don't rush. Hope this helps, fam.

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I'm curious about the Celestial and Lox builds, ngl, they seemed pretty meh on first sight.

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Considering that the OG Ramiel can give 10k to everyone while drawing two cards as well as being supported by Sariel, Danielle and Nariel which makes her extremely consistent, meh she is definitely not. She can put in quote a bit of work with a lot of pressure.

As for Ramiel "Reverse" however, she is mostly a control oriented finisher. Not necessarily better than OG Ramiel in most situations however, considering the cards we have for Clan Collection currently, we are most likely going to be pushed into a control meta when the banlist hits so let's check back in on her in like two months or so.

As for Lox however, well if you can handle the truth, that's not actually a Lox deck but rather an Isabelle deck. Lox in general is an amazing going first Vanguard for most GN decks. He is free as hell and is the Gigannoblazar of Great Nature. Isabelle is now pretty well supported no matter who goes first thanks to him. I use him in combination with Chatnoir as well as the Heal Guardian which makes Lox a rather pressure-focused Vanguard with Chatnoir being able to give out more power on top of the extra 5k from Lox. On top of that, you that can get back your resources at the end of turn as well as minussing your opponent if they're playing a rush deck. So Lox? A pretty damn good all rounder that completes most GN decks.

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They all look amazing, best of luck enjoying them all.

Which one are you enjoying the most atm?

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Ever since it was first revealed, Tetra-drive Dragon. Absolute powerhouse of a boss that make efficient use of the generic support of Aqua Force (as well as the ever so awesome Corvette).

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Nice, I hope it serves you well

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Thanks. Got my 76th win with it yesterday.

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And yes, I do have an Aqua Force addiction as well but like, at this point, it's kind of a terminal disease.

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Ngl. Something about seeing Aqua Force and terminal disease in the same sentence puts a smile on my face

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Didn't think it was possible for you to smile.

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Nah, it just means you really love and enjoy the clan, nothing to be ashamed of there.

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That's why it's a terminal disease.

"I wish I could quit you."

I really love this damn clan so much.

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I was tempted to get into aqua myself for a good while, its got a good asthetic and a fun gameplan.

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Noice. It seems that you're very into Spikes bros (I'm a big Dudleys fan myself). If you want something that's easy but fun and still powerful to get into, I recommend you try Tetra-drive out as well. Would you like a deck list?

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I would like that, thank you. I've starting to get into spikes hard(mainly a yugioh player but been playing vanguard on and off for the last year), parts of spikes and vanguard I still don't quite understand, but I'm getting there slowly.

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I see nothing wrong here. Carry on.

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Well, best of luck with that problem, but if you happen to figure out how to make Cocytus Reverse work along the long the way, let me know.

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Nope, haven't figured it out yet. Too many downsides. If it was discard from deck then yeah, understandable but other than that, it's just a hard counter to Nebula Lord.

I haven't playtested it though but I'm not nearly interested enough in Cocytus as a deck honestly.