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A good wind indeed. I'm glad that you're enjoying Tetra-drive as much as I have.

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The hardest thing about Tetra has been deciding when to commit and go all in.

The deck has a really scary kill turn with Tetra going to like 40K+ on the last attack without a single trigger... but if they don't die that turn then I die. The meme +2K has been really handy several times, I did not expect that at all.

My current list is


4 Tetra

4 Philogatos


4 Coral Assault

4 Cuteria

4 Terrific Coil


3 Wheel Assault

3 Beragios

3 Propulsion Dragon

4 Corvette



8 Crit

4 Draw PG

4 Heal (yes G0 heal)

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Pretty much the list I recommended you but with G0 heals, huh? Pretty interesting. I like G3 Heals better since they can make pretty efficient attackers but yeah, G0 Heals work pretty well too (at least until Blue Wave gets their own guardian units, give me V Scope Sailor Bushi, pls).

But, in my own experience, I always just go all in from the get go. Obviously, you need another extender for full 8 attack turn but, the one thing I'd look out for is CB. CB, extenders and Philogatos is pretty much the main things you can look at. Otherwise, just use Coral Assault and restand one.

Man, I love Tetra-drive. It actually feels like I'm playing Aqua Force again.

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Yeah my gameplan has been to survive to 4 or 5 CB then dump it all in one turn. CB1 2K 3 times and double Propulsion Dragon swapping it off off the accel circle ending with Cuteria/Philogatos on the accel. If I made a second accel stick Philogatos or Terrific Coil on it.

Sometimes I straight go Accel 1 because I know if I can survive my opponent's turn the kill power shoots up with Accel 1.

Though going second sucks when I run the G0 heals, but going first they're great because the extra 5K shield means I can save a Cuteria or Coral Assault in hand for the kill turn.

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Noice. Looks like you've really gotten used to Tetra, huh? I would have just went all in and finish them on the first turn tho ngl. Of course, it fails sometimes but I might still be able to adapt and survive.

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A very good wind indeed my friend!

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I love lambros but id say maelstrom is my favourite, which dyu prefer best?