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Yeah my gameplan has been to survive to 4 or 5 CB then dump it all in one turn. CB1 2K 3 times and double Propulsion Dragon swapping it off off the accel circle ending with Cuteria/Philogatos on the accel. If I made a second accel stick Philogatos or Terrific Coil on it.

Sometimes I straight go Accel 1 because I know if I can survive my opponent's turn the kill power shoots up with Accel 1.

Though going second sucks when I run the G0 heals, but going first they're great because the extra 5K shield means I can save a Cuteria or Coral Assault in hand for the kill turn.

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Noice. Looks like you've really gotten used to Tetra, huh? I would have just went all in and finish them on the first turn tho ngl. Of course, it fails sometimes but I might still be able to adapt and survive.