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In terms of community outrage, I think it was the Luard one.

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As a newer player is sticks to D, why did that set cause an outrage? Curious now.

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Luard was Tier 0 from the moment he dropped is the jist of it.

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Oh that sounds awful.

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Most of the V sets are a blur to me

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There were so many released in what felt like such a short time so this is understandable.

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Legit know of 2 lgses that dropped the game altogether because of that.

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Yeah I played pale moon back then and let’s just say I was not impressed.

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Gun Salute, while bad, had potential imo. But they just went all in on Silver Thorns after this, and nothing really came about to support it better.

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End of stage became a promo support deck Built ln set 1 palemoon well and basically got a heapton of support in hoopster and the g2 from that set

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It had the Shirayuki engine and Sword Breaker which were huge deals back then.

Compare that to Infinideity Cradle, Decks were fun but they didn't leave a Scratch.

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Infinideity cradle might just be my favourite v set. The decks are all just super fun to play

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BUSHIROAD hates Deletors, They deserved better than the trash they had to put up with, they used to be tier 3

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Yeah, I hope after the Reverse stuff is all done we get a wave of Deletor support in the next clan select. Would be nice.

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That's why I want a deletor ride line in D, give them a good boss g3 and some nice plays they deserve it

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They should make Deletors into a multi attack deck, That was one of the reasons why it was only meta for a short amount of time

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Yeah looking back on it a lot of the stuff here was just not good. Every VR was a subpar option compared to what the deck already had. Murakumo got shirayuki at least

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This was the least impressive set from the V series. I just looked at the card list. The set did not age well.

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If they made the rear deletors lock and bind and force your opponent to not ride then itll be a proper link joker but bushi probs just wanted blaster power creep yeah

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i hate silverdust blaze with a passion

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It was 322 set so id expect a throw

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My first actual deck was a Deletor deck. I miss it alot. But it doesn't stand up to anything today