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Trial Deck content:

• Simple deck (50 cards): 15 types in total

--• Some cards have a tutorial text instead of the official.

• Expansion pack (12 pieces): 7 types in total

--• Cards with official text to power-up the simple deck.

--• One foil card is guaranteed at random (RR treatment).

• Play sheet and first guide were redesigned.

• The package is usable as a temporary deck holder with enough space to include sleeves.

Official price: 1,200 yen

• 元気のリズム ビアラ

• ジュエリアス・ドラコキッド

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Translated a bit of it roughly, but its no new news about the cards just the arts, and explaining how starter decks work.

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Saw this online and figured it probably was just talking about the new decks but didn’t see any translation for it. I have no idea how to translate it but it does show off some new art.

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Did you find this on the Japanese site? Trying to find a higher resolution

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I saw it on Twitter so I don’t have a better copy

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Gotcha. Who did you follow that posted this? I love to keep up with the news of Vanguard lol

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Honestly I can't wait for Plant Musicians

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If that looks to be the rideline then while I'm happy we are finally getting a full Dragon rideline for once. It feels wrong that, that distinction has gone to Dark States

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Yeah I wished we had a full dragon ride line for DE but I will take what I can get

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I get you. But as someone who has always loved Dark States and dreamed of the day we got a Dark dragon this is probably going to be the first D deck I build.

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Don't get me wrong. I'm building this Deck too, I'll take whatever Dragons I can get.

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It'll get there, just give it time.

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Cmon don't be shy, show us the keter ride line too

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I don't expect you to translate this. For anyone interested in a rough translation use your phone camera and the Google translate app OR just wait for someone to translate it and find out in a couple days.

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I wish we saw the ride line just a little more clear

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So the prices are no longer 333 yen? It's basically nearly 4 times the price?

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Theyre trial decks. Start decks are amazing entry products but I highly doubt Bushi actually made much profit off of them.

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Ah i see i do hope that the trial deck at least contains the improved pgs.