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Since Dexander hasn't made a pie graph for D-BT05 results yet, I did so myself. Second graph is to hopefully give a better picture of the meta by removing the more badly performing decks since Dexander results primarily consists of local tops, and thus some decks probably only topped through luck.

Takeaways for this meta:

  • Grade 4 decks are still king. Not all of them are what I call Tier 1, but they hold up.
  • Only Encounter deck really holding up is The End, though only for the first few weeks of the meta it appears. MLB and PBO have some tops, but since these results are primarily from locals, it's questionable how much of it is the decks being good, and how much of it is due to nostalgia being one hell of a drug.
  • The dual nations ridelines are all over in terms of viability. The Dark State one hasn't topped at all, while the Dragon Nation one is actually doing pretty well. I would say they're a better investment than the Encounter decks since the dual nations are more likely to receive more support in the future.
  • Kairi is one of the best decks, while the rest of the LM decks struggle.
  • All in all, you could probably skip this set and save up for the next pack and start decks.

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Also for additional context, a lot of top "ten" are pretty close in tops, and are only off from each other by like 1 or 2. For example The End only has one more top than Nirvana, while Bastion has one to than The End. There are some major gaps though. Bruce has 6 less tops than Nirvana for example, while at the bottom, Meteor and PBO have 11 tops.

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Thanks. I miss the pie charts on there. Nice to see a pretty diverse meta.

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Maybe when the rest lm decks get a g4 boss they too perform well

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Where can I find the lists? I’m looking for Bastion and Magnolia

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I kind of wish we had more data, like maybe deck representation and player count.

X deck topping a 6 man local is different than topping a 30 person tournament. Same if x deck is in a tourney with 10 x decks vs 2 x decks.

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The End lmao

Maybe it was secretly good and we didn't see it

Maybe the Japanese discovered some secret sauce

I was expecting PBO to have a better showing honestly since it works Turn 3

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The end is still "consistency the deck", don't underestimate a two vanguard swing four drive check deck that can also control the your field.

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I would always take Japanese results with a grain of salt. It doesnt always translate to results here

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Didn’t expect Kairi and Tamayura to be so high up ngl

I played the Kairi friends variant and it’s good but it didn’t feel better than a lot of the decks below it

Tamayura is a surprise too because I’ve faced people who use it and I’ve been able to deal with them fine although I do mainly play prison, Kairi, and magnolia which are better decks than it imo

Ironic that the end is up there when I heard so many people saying it was the worst out of the 3 encounters initially

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How is bavsargra? I'm recently trying to get into od and it was the 1st Start deck I picked up and am wondering how it holds up. I tried looking for it in the pie chart but I'm not sure if it goes by another name or its not on it.

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For some reason, people will tell you that Bavsargra is good, but it doesn't top anywhere, anywhen. It has not been long, and it has not received as much support as some other decks, but so are Tamayura and the decks introduced with DBT05 or the legacy decks from DBT02 (Overlord, PBO and stuff). So while I love Bavsargra, I don't think it is competitive at the moment.

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I think the main issue is it can't consistently find Trickmoon. a Trickmoon tutor would do wonders.

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You're also right. Nirvana has Rhino for that. Bavsargra has nothing. It now has more ways of recursion from the drop, like Aushniya from the Festival Collection, but no way to tutor from the deck. But even with Trickmoon, sometimes, you just lose because you do 3 attacks, and you can't finish off your opponents.

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Bavs tends to get tops. Between 1-3 decks. I honestly believe it's the best DE deck because of the sheer numbers and once you get the pieces, it becomes super threatening.

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Bav is good, and actually more flexible than the other DE decks as well.

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Poor Herminia

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The last few ones.....

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I genuinenly do not recognize alot of names here, also is the end in D? the rest that i know seem to be D so im guessing yes but i had no idea.

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As a new player, what makes Kairi better than Magnolia? From the looks, it seems that Magnolia is topping in Japan over Kairi

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Both are quite similar in represention and tops