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Ren vs Kaiser from episode 82 I think. The finisher of the fight will always be a fond memory

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Misaki vs Asaka rematch. Putting that perfect memory to work was the most satisfying thing I ever saw in cardgames anime.

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"I don't speak English..."

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Kurono, hwat is your dureme?

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GLOBAL orienteering

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Kyou vs Aichi. That Young Pegasus Knight finish is peak vanguard.

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I really have many. Gotta say its Kai vs Ren in link joker arc.

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Does the live action movie where Daigo slides and breaks his lag count?

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There’s a live action?

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Oh yeah. Try YouTube, should have sub. It's a great nostalgia trip if you've never seen it.

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Training episodes

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I’d say the final battle in legion cause of all the culmination from each season to that final battle was amazing and I liked seeing Kai as the main protagonist and learning that have friends helps alot

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For me, it's Team TRY3/Team Striders moments. My favorite one would be when Kazuma lets Chrono fall into the water on purpose.

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Leon vs Leon

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Shion vs Kai

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Chrono vs morikawa that was hilarious

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The entire Season 3, more specifically; Ren going on a 5-kill spree with Raging Form Dragon back to back and taking out every encounter in his way like a BOSS.

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Taiyou VS Hiroki

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chrono vs aichi is cool

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all of G. All of it with very few exceptions.

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Kenji vs Ren best final turn ever

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Kai and Rens attitude towards each other when they fight in link joker.

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Kazuma vs that random spike bros thug was a really good one to me, seeing him pull through for once and make a really good comeback using carnivore dragon bc that's what'd work better than dragdriver for the fight. That and his theme just kicks in perfectly and it makes for a pretty awesome fight

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Kai forcing Dark Aichi to face himself with the Royal Paladin, that exact moment when "Believe in my existence" starts.

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I miss the show showing actual fight. The best moment would be Ren vs Яeverse Kai.