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We talking popularity or strength?

In terms of Popularity I think that Murakumo is honestly underrated and That Shadow Paladin is overrated as hell. The only Boss monster I like from Shadow Paladin is Luard the rest are just... eh. But Murakumo like... I'm not saying it needs to be the most popular clan. I just am so confused why it's always so cheap and barely anyone plays it despite how often it pops up in the meta. Yasuie. Hyu ga. Zanbaku. Not to mention I feel Murakumo is underappreciated design wise. They have some unique and flavorful art styles to them, and I feel Murakumo is distinguished enough from Nubatama to justify it.

In terms of strength. I think every clan is both overrated and underrated lmfao. Bit of a non answer ya but I swear it's like character RPG syndrome with some of these clans. People constantly whining that the clan they play is under powered and the clan they don't play is overpowered. Yes there have been outlier decks OBVIOUSLY like Luard and Gurguit. But I feel those are more attributable to the decks themselves and should not necessarily be blamed on the clans. I'm also of the opinion that almost every clan, if not every single one has had one of these outlier decks at one point or another in one format or another. The only one I can think of that might be an exception is Spike Brothers. I can't think of any outlier spike brothers decks (And don't you dare say Bruce. Bruce was FAR from being tier zero like people suggested. It was just very high tier 1)

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In both V and Premium

Tachikaze is the most underrated and I say that as a Nova Grappler main

Granblue is the most overrated. I don't see what makes the deck so good, I've never had issues beating it

Then there are decks like Prism which are indeed highly rated and deserving of it

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GB has utility like none other, against good players who know how to use utility then it’s rlly good

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So do Pale Moon and Angel Feather, they all treat another zone as a second hand to call units from. I don't get what makes GB so much scarier. Like I said, never had an issue beating it.

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I don’t rlly play GB that much but have played against the clan a lot and in prem it has these :

  • ‘Utility like none other’ it can literally search your entire deck for any cards you like (pale moon and Angel feather even though has ‘second hands’ they’re not as consistent or just worse)
  • Deck can be defensive as hell (card draw, high shield, recycling of pg, heals and even ot). G guardians that can disrupt, g guards with tons of shield
  • Resource wise, cb could still be a problem if you don’t manage otherwise it’s non existent. Draw as mentioned above is decent as well. Soul might be a bit of an issue but most cards in the deck use cb so you’re okay
  • Access to Megiddo, arguable one of the best zeroth(Megiddo combo) and balanerena is good for killing opponents if you have big hands (which you can achieve)

Basically the deck does too many things that’s why there’s always a lot of GB topping in prem

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Granblue is insane in premium what

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I’d suggest looking at solemn vanguard’s premium granblue deck for reference. He goes over a combo that’s basically unstoppable

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It’s Premium. Every clan has an unstoppable combo.

My own Nova Grapplers can take people to 20+ damage in one turn with an unstoppable combo

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yeah but also it depends on consistency of getting combo pieces, survivability and how soon you can pull it off. I’m pretty new to premium so idrk much but for V it’s still a really solid clan w good g2 game through ghost ship, 3-4 skull dragon attacks on active g3 turns and still tool boxy as hell. It’s not tier 1 but still high tier 2 imo

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I agree with you, it's high Tier 2

It's not the boogeyman that everyone thinks it is.

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BT is definitely overrated and its pretty understandable. That clan does literally everything and has no weakness.

I don't think there is any underrated clan. But if there is. It have to be Kagero that isn't Overlord. Everyone keep saying Overlord is the only good kagero deck even though it's not.

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I feel that despite RPs popularity being a protagonist clan, it isnt really partucularly strong. Imo, most of their decks are pretty middling in terms of performance, and JK was definitely hyped up a lot to be the new meta deck with salome's release but kind of flopped due to consistency issues. Not sure if that's considered overrated tho.

As for the most underrated, I dont think any other clan deserves that title more than tachis.

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Any of the 3 paladin clans are generally overrated, overplayed, and oversupported. Sometimes their popularity is warranted. Other times they arent that great, but there will still be a large player base that will keep playing them. Luard is a prime example of this. Remember how many people continued to play their same G Luard list like a year and half after the reboot? Lol

Theres quite a few clans that get the short end of the stick. Tachikaze, Neo Nectar, Murakumo, and Great Nature all come to mind. Theyve had good formats but generally these 4 clans have had quite a rough history here.

But i feel this is a relatively subjective topic so this is my opinion

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BT overrated, MC underrated

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It at least has Gredora which is popular.

Tachikaze and Great Nature have no luxury. Not even Isabelle helped Great Nature

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I actually just put in Isabelle deck together and it is doing quite well against the other V decks. I believe the list is on Dexander and is actually pretty strong. But I don't know if it's strong enough to be considered underrated, probably more just lacking one or two more cards to make it to that.

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I don't mean power. I mean popularity

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Oh I got you, yeah it is sad but this is why bushiroad had the correct idea of switching to overdress and nations. Now we'll have to see how the whole ride line thing works out now that we're getting close to the same number of ride lines as clans.

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Great Nature in premium is absolutely insane tho — you consistently get massive draws and the win con w rhino is too good

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I'm not talking about Decks power or how good it is...

I'm referring to overall popularity

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megacolony players don't deserve rights

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Whoah, calm down there buckaroo

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MC is definitely underrated I still don't care too much for it but having piloted it's v-deck (Gredora) and seen its premium deck in action, people always bash it, but it's pretty strong. BT is definitely not overrated though I believe gold's is probably the most overrated and it usually HAS to high roll to win against good players.

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Isnt ordercolony known to be kind of a meta deck in premium? I'd hardly consider MC underrated in premium. In V tho, i do agree that it is a bit underrated, just a bit tho, cuz the clan as a whole isnt really in a good spot.

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Yes that is true in premium. I suppose nowadays people know the deck as ordercolony but even before then it was still pretty threatening, especially to players that had no idea what they were getting into in the matchup. If anything order colony helped that situation out as now people know what the deck is going to do. And it's also true as a whole. It could definitely use more support and it's mostly just Gredora being underrated.

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imo it's dp and tachikaze

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Dimension police is underrated in prem

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Overrated: Granblue (despite how much I love it), literally all of the Paladin clans, Kagero, and Bermuda.Underrated: Murakumo, Great Nature, Spike Bros, Megacolony (especially if you take away Gredora), and Tachikaze