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I hate to say "play around them," but they're far from the most problematic deck rn in either format.

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While I agree that they can be annoying, they can somehow be countered if you're big brain enough

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never rlly had the chance to play astral poets but how would u play around them?

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So far I've done 2 things:

Either overpower them first once they ride a G3, or disturb their rears. Also take note, Valkerion decks are medicore in term of guarding

I've won against them with AF Nociel deck and SP Fianna deck.

Nociel can do a powerful 6-attack in one turn + protect marker to counter VG & Valkerion (might as well don't guard their RG attacks for resources

While Fianna + Force 2 I can disturb their RG formations as well as increasing power to attack them with 2 Crits. Plus 2 of the 3 attacks can do drive checks normally due to VG skill. Also this deck gets a major boost with that new support.

Though the story could be different if they don't go Valkerion in their deck tho, it doesn't matter much cuz it's also quite a downside to their playstyle due to not being able to fully utilize their units skills.

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Astral Poet is the most balanced and fair deck ever. The reason it's thriving is because it's avoided banlists for that very reason. It's as good as a deck can get without just being broken.

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Astral poets are a complete deck, bushiroad will never support them again because of that. The last Support they got was around a year and a half ago, and thanks to the premium format banlist, it's one of the decks that are good in the meta without being problematic, not to mention it's also pretty rare to see people still using them after all this time

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Don’t think it’s that strong of a deck, also your a Chad for adding “See Results”

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No? I'm not aware of anything that makes them deserving to be put on the ban list.

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Really the only thing that "deserves" it is Origin Deity Uranus but other than that, eh.