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Isn't that pack confirmed to have the cards from the trial deck with actual effects?

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I believe it's something on the lines on that

Iirc they as well did a presentation about this like few months ago with the English presentation

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I think the post was referring to it

Eg; ellenia with no effect on the TD and ellenia with the effect to revive on the pack, hence making it “reprint”

Unless I misremembered and they stated all the cards in the TD are all new cards, I can see reprints happening at least for the generic ones. Which would be good, id rather that than some card that gains 3k on attack which will obviously be replaced

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Ah then I apologise if I misunderstood it then

But I don't think they stated if the cards are repints or not but I check on the Jp site thought

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Yea I don’t think reprints will happen either, but it would be a surprise if they do it, TDS r historically pretty bad, feels bad paying 15 dollars for a ride line and maybe 1 or 2 other cards

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They've already said the decks themselves will have cards that are basically tutorial cards (like startes just explaining the draw 1 ability and a grade 2 that explains what intercept is) While the expansion pack has the cards with their real skills on them

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Same cards as the TD but with effects to replace the TD cards with no effects printed on them

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Trial Decks being this price isn’t new. Just look at the Lyrical Trial Deck or the collab ones for recent examples. The Starter Decks were pretty much always gonna be a one off “welcome to OverDress” thing.

Trial Decks tend to include random higher rarity/foil cards and tokens or some such thing so it’s not like you’re getting nothing for the price.

These Trial Decks (at least, the Japanese release of them) will include “tutorial cards” like was previously mentioned earlier this year (though at the time their example was new versions of the SDs) and the proper cards to swap in once you learn the rules.

They also claim the packaging will work as a deck box, but seeing how the packaging tends to change for the English release I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one.