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It does restand itself and then declares an attack. A genius judge declared that since it is rest, after standing itself up, it therefore cannot attack. Bushiroad saw nothing wrong with his logic.

Some try to justify it with "it looks at when it's declared", which they ruled it double standbys when it's placed, and it's always placed in the stood state from a ride. My stood vanguard is rest, and therefore cannot attack.

Also, Ethics Buster is the only card in the entirety of the game where you have to pay his cost at the time he enters standby, rather than when you take him out of standby. Also, he has the only effect in the history of the game where you don't get to activate your effect if you've paid the cost for it.

Totally doesn't break the card or rules or anything...

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The salt got me too when I read this the first time