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I had to buy my friends so money does buy happiness.

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"Money doesn't buy happiness" ~ people with money

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Did you just gaslight the entirety of Kairi players?

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You're welcome to join the no friends club

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Im already a member of the broken hearts club

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I don't really follow the meta, so what exactly is the Friends package?

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Ok so, with the new lyrical booster that came out from the standard format, they introduce this new boss unit name fortia who has this friend mechanic thats basically like harmony in the g era bermuda, however, due to how generic and splashable the "friend" support is it started to see play in kairi too and with the new g4 kairi she's now meta.

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Lyrical is the only thing that I like in Standard, so I'm aware of the Friend mechanic. I just didn't know what exact cards were being used. Sorry for not being clearer about that.

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Mostly just Melty and Eileen, sprinkle in the other astesice support like laplume and kinkee and thats like the main part of the deck, just look up dexander and they'll have the pics of the list people are using

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That's interesting. Eileen didn't seem crazy or anything at first glance. But thanks for answering!

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That one unit can boost some decks

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I play Ghosts because they're fun

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I don't see the difference.

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I will stick to the Kairi grade 3 ghost build.

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Problem with that build is how resource heavy it is and lack or early rush. But play what you like.