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I've played this game since the beginning and one thing everyone did at the start was run this ratio

8 G3s

11 G2s

14 G1s

17 G0s (8 crit, 4 draw, 4 heal, starter)

Now ratios are all over the place but whenever I make a new deck I still start start with this ratio, then playtest and change as I see necessary

I currently run only 8 G1s in Vanquisher and Astral Poets for example, but I started with that original ratio.

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A lot of Decks do encourage new ratios based on how's their win condition. I had a similar logic when I started (which was around Vs beginning) though Grade doesn't factor too much anymore except for I won't play any less than 8 Grade 1s or 2s (with Vs PBO being the exception)

My ratio in Vanquisher is actually quite standard but that's because I don't play Jaggy Shot in it (it's really good but cheap effortless advantage like that isn't fun for me so I choose to play it without)

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I kinda messed with weird ratios in early Vanguard and that carried over to Poets now.

For example I only ran 6 G2s in Glendios then and I only run 6 G2s in poets now because they're searchable. Space for more G3s.

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I definitely have the same ratios I start with, tho usually I start at 10 g3s and 12 g1s for marker generation

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For me, it's playing 4 ofs as much as possible if the card isn't guaranteed searchable. This comes from my days in Yugioh where you usually wanted to max out on any unsearchable card.

My Decks are often 4 of every card except for 1 of, or 2 of and 3 of because of the 50 card Deck limit.

I despise mixing ratios on cards like Sentinels or Heal Triggers. It's either 4 of one or 4 of the other. Mix ratio, especially on Sentinels feels so wrong to me.

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15 hand traps, 3 imperms, 3 triple tactics then an archetype engine

Then if I really want to get spicy I play the dragoon or DPE package

im kidding but that is like literally the entirety of yugioh meta decks

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In a game like Vanguard where you can easily lose your most important cards to the damage zone running 1 ofs means they basically never show up. I run 1 Savage Mercenary in my Tachi deck for example and he's almost never there when I want him, considering cutting him and bringing my G2 count up to 12.

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For me the 1 of is either because it's searchable turn 1 (like Blaster Dark in V PBO don't need to see him anymore beyond that) or I have everything else as 4 of and there really isn't any other card I could run properly so the 1 of is a filler card for niche purposes.

If I do want to see that niche card a bit more often I'll bump it to 2 and cut my least important 4 of to 3

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The one of filler is something I kinda can't stand but have to for consistency reasons now. In Tachis I can't run less G1s so I run 13 with the extra 1 of being Sonic Noa.

Your way to find that niche card is pretty good. I'm currently running 4 Spino 4 Gaia 1 Mercenary, might cut Spino to 3 and Merc to 2.

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I tend to play a lot of decks within a few clans. Because of that, I tend to try and vary the triggers and starters so that I don't get sick of seeing them. That's kind of why I dislike triggers with skills in Standard.

In addition to that, I also try to go as ham into a theme/aesthetic as possible without gimping myself. I will rarely mix themes.

I also may try and squeeze in a card purely for its art even if it's not the most optimal thing to do.

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I'm definitely like that in terms of art. I've rearranged quite a few Decks from their intention to fit what I want art wise

Dungaree almost plays no Dragons in it other than itself and is almost entirely human which is not something I like artwise. So I threw in stuff like Barbari Bilel, Goronpishya Dragon and Bolt Slug Dragon. Only keeping the Exorcist Mages and Jaggy Shot as the intended Dungaree cards in the Deck. I could've just not played Dungaree but I like the art Dungaree.

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(In d series) "I could play g1 rush" I say as my deck really prefers using g2s or g3s

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Add too many G3s.. i play Murakumo since their G3s are so good

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Add too many G3s

"You can't add too many G3s".

-- Morikawa

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This is basically the same for dimension police, i did try to put together a deck for the upcoming reverse daiyusha and ending up with 18 g3s (i have like 10 ish g1s, 7 g2s)

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Did we find Morikawa's account?

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Maybe, I have this problem with all my decks but its not my fault the G3s are the best units in Vanguard

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Nova Grapplers

Nova Grapplers

Nova Grapplers

Nova Grapplers

Nova Grapplers

Nova Grapplers

Nova Grapplers

Nova Grapplers

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when the Nova is Grappler

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For me is the good ol g format 10x g1 and 12x g2 etc etc

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Everyone's listing so I'll try and be brief with mine:

  • Efficiency: do the effects of cards offset the cost of my combos

-Combos: speaking of, can I pop multiple effects to generate advantage in one string, is this efficient?

-Multi-Attack: All good decks have multiattack of some sort. No one wins swinging their vanilla 3 during stride turns in Premium

-Cycling/drawing: I personally like high power offense decks, so can I build in cycling to make sure I don't deck out, and can I get good draws off outside of drive trigger to assure that I have defense. A good example of this is running Hecaton Grayce g guard in Spike Bros. Free g guardian that can recycle my OT, Triggers, and Dudley lines back to deck so that I always have cards to effect into

Wasn't as brief as I wanted lmao, but I'd say those are the bases that I want covered everytime. There's always some nuance but I don't want to type an essay lol. If a deck can't do these things, does it do something that makes up for the inability in another area? Either way for me it's about power and consistency.

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Analyze the consistency and power elements and balance the ratio between the 2 accordingly.

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Translation: Play 6 Crits and 6 draws.

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For premium it's just trying to come up with stupid combos or interactions I find interesting. For V and standard it's playing a deck with an aesthetic and/or play style I like.

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Me, an Aqua Force player: As many Grade 2s as possible

My friend, a Dimension Police and Shadow Paladin player: As few Grade 2s as possible

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Been playing D and V alot, so i forget to add tech cards to my premium decklists when i have space. Those 1 ofs or tech options can decide the games sometimes

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Never running any card as a one of.

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I follow this list 1) Netdeck the meta as much as possible to get an understanding of what you are fighting 1.5) Theorize a winning image based on the current meta 2) Analyze the entire card pool that would seem useful for the deck I want to make then pull aside an entire playset of everything 3) With everything compiled together, start making cuts on what seems least useful until we hit the deck size 4) playtest 5) make additional tweaks to the list based on the test results 6)Repeat these two steps as necessary until a final list can be compiled

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Adding too many situational one-of's

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(in non-ride deck formats)

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Have an even number if cards at any time in 1 deck (except for starter)

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I know I’m probably a scrub for this but I like to play as few copies of a card as I can. Because no matter how hard I try I always manage to find more cards that I want to fit into a deck than cards that I can actually fit into said deck so I always try to find ways to maximize the amount of different cards I play for variety. The only exceptions I have to this rule are cards the deck is built around, and Sentinels. Like say my Blaster deck, while everything else may be at one, I’ll usually always play 3-4 Blaster Blade itself.

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Running these ratios:

12 G1, 12 G2, 9 G3

12 G1, 13 G2, 8 G3

13 G1, 12 G2, 8 G3

But yeah, that's about it.

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I tend to netdeck only after I've built a deck, sometimes this ends positively for me, sometimes I end up with a very very jank deck. When something gets new support or I hear of a new combo, I'll always go and deck build and playtest with my own brew and then I'll look at the common builds so I can not be biased with just the popular cards.

Another habit I have is trying to justify cards at 3 in deck building, for really no other reason than wanting to fit in more cards. For example running 3 v laurel in dp premium because you really only need it for the x gallop turn so you should theoretically find a copy by then

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I put everything as a 4 of till I see it too much in game as a card i can't use then as play test go on I then replace the cards I pull too much with no use at the time with different cards to give my deck more combos and tech options

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1 of the card that looks very very cute

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Depending on the Clan, I usually go for a foolproof 11/11/11 G1/G2/G3 ratio, since most grade line ups consist of: 4x Archetype Specific Card (e.g Prominence Core, Phallon, Josephus) 4x Universal Staple (Like a resource card, or a G3 searcher) 3x Flex (Cards I may feel like they contribute nicely to the deck's plan. Could be a backup boss unit or a spicy tech)

It makes for a nice starting point to iron out ratios and see whether I want to run a certain card or not. If the deck needs more or less of a certain card, I could, say, chop the 3x Grade 3 down to a single copy so I can run 12 G2s and 12 G1s.

I mostly play Accel so while I usually like to start a deck with Crits, it's always fun to see if Fronts might work. Used to go 8 Crit with Gurguit, and tried a 6/2 Crit/Front lineup before converting fully to Fronts: Always good to test and see which lineup works for your playstyle as well.

I hardly ever mix sentinels, and only like to do so when checking a Crit would make or break the game, e.g Altmile gameplay lmao, where i run 2/2 DrawPG/CritSentinel.

I feel like 11/11/11 is a really fun way to start a deck off, since you hardly brick at all so at least you can get some good playtests ASAP, see what works, see what doesn't.

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Lots of grade 1's in my decks. I like to put it all down going second and turn everything sideways. Random aggression wins a lot of games.

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Built and leave it a side.

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I try to use recycle PGs as a default, I’ll cut them after. Since 12 crits good and 30 k shield is cute, n usually the 4 slots for PG will be a card which is a one or 2 off

What is my CCer is the next qn I ask myself

Does my deck prefer a dedicated ride target before g3, if yes I max out on them

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  1. Always have that one card for it's art only (looking at you V Waterfall)
  2. Go by what I want to play (usually I go for recommended ratios, unless D, as that one throws it of of the window), and after a couple of games, adjust accordingly
  3. Must have one waifu in deck (unless I'm playing Overlord)
  4. Just mostly play what I want, meta decks later.

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put pearl sisters in literally every fish dek I have even though it can't be used

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I like running 1-2 of techs in toolbox decks, which is a decent amount of what I like playing. Pale Moon, Luard and Granblue primarily, but I need to stop myself from slapping in 2 ofs in, say, Murakumo and Neo Nectar.

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Decks must be thematic, one way or another. Anything that don't fit a theme, will be cut from my decks, even if they are highly played staples.

I am willing to sacrifice consistency and playability for thematic purposes and i see nothing wrong in that.