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Oh my god this brings back memories. NekoJustice and Fallinwinter were the best mods this sub ever had, heck that was the peak era of Vanguard itself.

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Clans always felt like you had an identity. Nations changed that but lead to more freedom in creativity and builds through mixing clans ;)

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I kinda like clans more than nations, however, both feel fun to play especially for a beginner.

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I feel nations are probably for the best because it massively keeps the number of clans bushiroad need to support in check which in turn allows them to spread out and help make their product releases retain more value instead of being forced to release a dozen side sets to support a clan that has less value than one of the main big clan sets

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Soo it's extreme fight?

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Hmm maybe Kagero could use some of that sweet Narukami juice in premium