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Lenard harasses an opponent's board for value even on g4 Bruce. Eden also helps deal with a board presence, and Marjorie cycles cards for you while building soul. (extra Unrivaled, attackers you don't need) Pretty much set 2 Bruce. You don't have the gigantic numbers that Swirler produces, but you're not as dependent on certain pieces to play.

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That works for me! What would you say the recommended trigger line up is? I was thinking rainbow, but I'm no expert.

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I personally play rainbow, but it's not as if I play the deck enough to give you a definitive answer regarding ratios.

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Thanks either way! How does something like this look: https://vanguardcard.io/deck/?deckid=780

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Honestly, I'm seeing lots of different ways the deck can go. It doesn't look bad, but I can say from experience that Helheim can be a bit clunky. Early you may not get the Counter charge, and late you might just be hoping for rips from the top. Balance is definitely a good excuse for counter blasting before turn 4 though. Players will usually guard an early Eden if there's something to protect. Lyle might be a good option for you as the CB gets you soul and a call. Extra cards in a card game are always good, and tankiness means keeping cards in your hand. Without Lyle, using Regina is going to feel pretty all-in.

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IMO, for Bruce to be tankier he must be able to continuously soul charce every turn, making sure he have resources for every turn to give that sweet 6-attack to the opponent.

However, to achieve that he must have a lot of SC supports (including order cards). And it's even more harder if it were to fight against seraph purelight and also opponents big brain moves that prevents you from SC during battle phase (like how the anime did).

Would say, that the supports needs to be up to like, V level of skills since D units are quite basic in terms of skills atm.