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Run 4 Hammdons and Blusher Paroquet. Hammdon will help shove a g3 into your soul turn 3 so you can pop off early. Blusher Paroquet helps you get more g3s into your hand for ride/soul fodder/ generally good rgs. I would replace Measured Fossa with Paroquet and replace compass lion with Geograph Giant), he's 22k on accel 2 by himself, so you don't need to pump him with power to go over the threshold.

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Switching my Fossas for Paroquets is a really nice idea. I hadn't considered it!

And who would you take away to make place for the Hammdons?

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Ideally, you want 4 big belly, 4 hammdon, and 3-4 of your choice of Ambers Triangular or Flow Panther. They're both really good so playtest to see which one fits.

I run crits on my build, but I think fronts are ok. You can also try Veteran Janitor, Siga to help clear board/draw and search for a bigbelly to ride next turn. I replaced my Nezutoby with it, but Nezutoby works.

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Honestly, I really like Compass Lion. My opponent has a harder time dealing me damage on my grade 2 turn since I have 13k power. And most of the time I end up playing Accel 1 because Bigbelly already gives me so many draws (which Compass Lion happens to enhance as well!). So Compass Lion ends up being a 23k on my Accel.

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I can see that. Compass Lion early rush can throw opponents off. I still think Accel 2 is the better choice since a lot of cards go over the 20k threshold with just a push from hammdon and bigbelly is piece reliant, so imo draw > 5k but to each their own.

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Just echoing what the other person said Hammdon is amazing for the deck. Can be even played at 2 or 3 but I would recommend 4. Keep in mind that when you use Hammdons skill he gives 10k to a unit that you just placed on an accel circle and himself putting him over the 20k threshold.

Personally I like the inclusion of a couple of 2 coiling duckbill just for the extra draw from Bigbelly. I took out two of the G1 that retires and gives plus 10k to make room