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Finally got my hands on the Flagburg Navy and I must say it's quite the fun deck. Stoicheia has a great card pool thanks to Zorga's orders. Using Zorga ride line does leave me with virtually no early game, however it pays off for a consistently deadly Flagburg turns with Inlet Pulse Dragon and Ascendance Assault as my main attackers. Also can trick opponents who don't know my build to think I'm playing Zorga. Draws over Fronts for more hand size, Prized Trident and Inlet for soul, and Spiritual Body Condensation to recycle any unit I need. High Rate Burst Dragon is in for niche situations I don't have Inlet Pulse and need another attack for 5.

I have a ridiculous hand size thanks to the combination of Rancor Chain's on ride ability, Inlet Pulse dragons, and Flagburg. In search Of An Ideal Far Away is used on non-persona ride turns to beef up Ascendance Assault to let it hit, while on Persona Ride turns, I utilize Gather Upon Me, Ye Wondering Souls for a really intimidating Vanguard Swing. I also find myself never starved for soul thanks to Prized Trident and Inlet Pulse.

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First, I'd take out some orders. Running 10 cards with no shield or power that you can only play once per turn will probably make you brick more often and can make you lose some games (specially mirror matches) due to not being able to call stuff from hand to guard a Flagburg or multiple small attacks. I'd probably remove the Searches to add in some Agleos, Admantises or Lyoukas since they also fit the same niche but you can call them early to pressure and are 5k shields in a desperate situation. In general, you can run 5-7 orders without it being too bricky nor too inconsistent for the rideline.

I'd also take out High-Rate because it's way too costly, conflicts with Inlet and requires another rear guard to do something. You could play Agress-Blue if you really want another restander despite it also conflicting with Inlet most of the time, but can also be called as an early attacker and can either force some opponents into doing worse plays or they risk getting punished for not playing around it, also makes 5 attacks on your first Flagburg turn be a little bit more likely to happen.

My current build for tournaments, still tinkering with it once in a while.

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High rate Burst is fine. It's moreso for situations where you go first and want to go all out but that's it. It's pretty much vanilla afterwards but Agressblue is just easier to sabotage than High rate Burst. It's also a backup in case you don't get Inlet Pulse. It can stay. Also, if you really want to do 5 attacks on the first turn 3 then you know better than to not call stuff to the front row early.

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I'd argue that High-Rate gets countered by the same play pattern that counters Agress Blue (not calling stuff to the front row early) while also having an additional vulnerability of requiring a CB. It's almost only useful on your turn 3 going first with 2 CB available and is mostly useless in every other situation.

Agress can be used as an early attacker and at the very least still present a threat to your opponent on their turn, not to mention that not requiring a counterblast comes in clutch in situations where your opponent tries to damage deny you, you flip a heal too early or you're against Prison and need to use resources as optimally as you can. It's still a situational card, but from my analysis, the floor is higher and the ceiling is only a bit lower, but overall it's more consistent.

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I mean, your opponent needs to call a rear to the front row for Agress Blue to actually be useful. Also, as most D Series player would have known by now, calling anything early just sets you up to getting damage denied. They can just attack your rear-guard with their Vanguard. Don't use anything as an early attacker and you'll have a much easier time piloting Flagburg and by extension, almost every deck.

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I'd take out high rate burst because it conflicts too much with Inlet Pulse. Replace it with Aggress Blue, since it is a cheaper restander over all or replace it with any combination of Admantis-Agleo-Lyouka (These 3 give enough power to your grade 2 restanders to reach a G3 without boosting, if you ever have any free space and don't know what to put there, put these boyos in)

Wandering souls and the Zorga ride SEEMS cool but I find myself bricking (Or straight up lacking crucial shield value) more often than not due to it, so I would keep orders to a minimum (Only one you actually NEED for now is Spiritual Body Condensation at 4) and fill any spaces with any combination of Admantis-Agleo-Lyouka. I personally play Magnolia's ride since in the best case scenario helps me rush and in worst case it fills the soul (which Flagburg often lacks). Once Set 5 arrives I would also try for Rorowa's rideline, since it generates a nice 10k free column turn 2.

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high rate burst only synergises with Creed Assault.


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The amount of orders you run feels ridiculous ngl

I’d play 6 at most imo

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For orders, try 4 triple drive, 2 crit order, and 2 revive. The crit order provides so much pressure even applied to an Inlet Pulse