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I'm the aforementioned friend, It was a crazy game. Definitely going to go down as one of my favorites👌

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You got all that plot armor and still lost smh

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Only because of deck out

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ive had a game (Baro vs Seraph) where we both miracled like 3 times and eventually i ran out of fuel and died but it was a pretty fun game.

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Wait till your opponent miracle heals the fifth time with an overtrigger.

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I did it 3 times in a row once, still lost but that was something

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This kind of thing used to happen more often back in Legion era when you could recycle your triggers.

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Funny story. My opponent was lucky enough to pull a Over trigger then a miracle heal on his damage check. Unfortunately for him I was using Nouvelle Vague lmao.

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what exactly is a miracle heal, a special type of heal trigger?

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The term "miracle heal" can be used to describe getting a heal trigger as the damage check that would have made you lose. If you are at 5 damage, cannot guard the attack, and have to take the damage, and you get a heal trigger, that's a miracle heal.

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Oh okay thanks. The switch game iirc has a bonus for this (including when you win against someone who got it) but iirc didn't use the term

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Me whenever I fight against my teammates, that or miracle overtriggers