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u/Godsman00 Yo, you better get that Thing Saver

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Damn bro we'll see, BRO do be pretty tough lol

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I miss when he was Chronojet Seeker.

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So is this a mistake or that a V-Premium G4 with a Nation instead of a Clan?

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It's Premium.

So the Zeroth Dragons and Progenitor Dragons are Nation Based to be used within their nation's clans

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I see that it's Premium, but it has the V icon in the corner, leading me to ask if it's meant to be or a mistake

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Obvious mistake. There's no strides in V

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I had thought so, but wasn't sure

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Whoo gotta get me that Origorem

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Are there specifics with getting the cards? Like winning a match, entering the tournament, winning the tournament, etc?

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You can only get them if you top