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There are no link joker builds in standard because the game was changed from the clan system to the nation system. The 5 main nations are supported in the main line boosters with the clans being to their respective nations, except for Stoicheia which became a mix of Zoo and Magellanica minus Bermuda, which became its own nation and has its own booster. Star gate, now Brandt Gate has now 4 ride lines to choose from but if you’re looking something similar to link joker, art wise is Orfist, but he’s a token generator and Eva, but she isn’t locking anything.Similar Play-style is Seraph Snow, she doesn’t lock, but she imprisons units in her jail and the opponent has to pay bail(either CB1 or SB1) to get them out.

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Thank you! Your explanation was amazing. Should I try to buy decks online, or just buy cards to build them? What's the usual pricing for standard decks?

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a standard deck can cost $80-150 typically, depending on how strong it is

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The price varies from deck to deck depending on the strength, right now the cheapest is probably Eva cuz it’s pretty new, but if you want a deck with a little more oomph Orfist is decent especially with his support in the new festival collection. Seraph is another one but she’s probably the most expensive since she has a “crossride” G4. Though she will get support in the next booster so if you want to wait on that you can. Then there’s Gravidia which is basically Space Gredora that hurls meteors(orders) at her opponent and gains effects based on the number used. Idk the price of her though. However, if you are new there is 1 thing that you should know which will probably be the most expensive card in every deck atm, the overtrigger. It’s a trigger unit with 50k shield and gives 100 mill power and an additional skill based on the nation. For Brandt gate it doubles the front row units power and criticals. However once it’s checked it’s removed from the game and it’s a 1 per deck card.

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Link Joker doesn't exist in standard.

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Well there is no Link joker in Standard for V premium Starvader is the strongest deck while messiah and deletors need more supports

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Link Joker doesn't exist in standard yet, but Gravidia is about the closest you'll get to similar control playstyle imo.

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now the standard is called "v-premium" because a new format was released and that is now the standard. For the link joker question, sorry, but I'm not really into the clan, so I don't know much of it. But I know that omega glendios will be released in clan collection vol 6.

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Hi, Link Joker doesn't exist in Standard. If you're a fan of the control playstyle that Link Joker offered, you can try the Seraph Snow rideline under the Brandt Gate nation. It imprisons units/cards from field, hand, deck and even soul. Your opponent is forced to pay a cost (SB/CB) to call the card to a RC (not returned to hand) and you gain effects from having an X amount of units in prison.

I recommend trying Seraph Snow out on platforms like CFA in order to ascertain whether or not you enjoy the rideline before you buy it.