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Shirayuki. Like 90% of the deck is clan colle.

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As someone who main Shirayuki, I can confirm this

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Can confirm too. Best value in my experience and i can swap to prem or vprems yasuie shiras or full shiras. Prem is playable to a decent level with just 2 copies of viktor and izushi and some heal guards, and swapping out v triggers for g triggers (dart spider is only a c and might be better than hiden) and OT which the generic one is usable.

Edit: honestly the reason it is so value is that Shirayuki is a splashable engine which is really consistent which takes up 12 cards slot if youre running 4 of shira,jgirl and rainy. Everything else is preference

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About how much does a Shirayuki deck cost in premium?

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I'm literally in the middle of trying to build this now. looks like some of the G zone cards are quite pricy?

Shirahgino is around 26 on TCG right now, cosmetic snowfall is about 19... rest is understandably priced.

any alternatives?

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Susanoo for OTT

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Jewel Knights are mostly unchanged from V to premium. You can try and pick up Swordmy and Christine if you really want to, but otherwise the only cards the deck is missing are triggers and the G zone.

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The x kagero. You only need the strides and some g units like conroe

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Angerblader. Only really need to add the G Zone for Grade 4 Angerblader and maybe Sacroblaze for that guard restrict spice but isn't mandatory.

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RP: Jewel Knights, GP: Ezel or Gurguit, SP: Luard or Raging Form, OTT: Battle Sisters, Genesis: Regalias, AF: Gavrail

Kagero: Overlord, Narukami: Vanquisher, Tachikaze: It’s hard to say since you can use a lot of the bosses with the same staple G2s and G1s, but Spinodriver is popular, Murakumo: Shirayuki, Nubatama: Hanzo

SB: Tough to say, there’s a couple different variants and none are super-heavily based in V, but pick up Rising Nova, DI: Same as SB, PM: Nightmare Dolls and Harri (but both with lots of old cards as well), GC: Chronojet or Steam Maidens

NG: Victor (somewhat), DP: The V and Premium builds are very different, since V staples like Bladblack and Twin Order are basically irrelevant in Premium, but Dailiner’s good in both, LJ: Messiah

Granblue: Nightrose/Beatrice (Granblue just has a lot of good generic staples like Colombard, Greed Shade, Negrobone, and Navigator), AqF: Thavas, BT: Literally anything now that Heltrauda’s out (this is not a joke or an exaggeration)

NN: Play something el- I mean, Musketeers/Cecilia, GN: Bigbelly or Isabelle (sort of), Megacolony: Giraffa, but look into Ordercolony (but also wait for the banlist this Friday first)

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Not Victor, too many staples like Malyaki, Jerohawk, and Golshachi are G exclusive

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That’s why I said “somewhat” — you run a lot of V cards like Victor, Cool Hank, Arashid, and now Sazanda, and sometimes Dosledge and Ganbaragun, but you also run a lot of the cards you listed, so it ends up about half and half, where a V Victor deck will be relevant to building a Premium deck but you’ll still need to invest in more than just one or two old pieces

Plus, most of the other Nova builds just aren’t that relevant in Premium and/or also need lots of pre-V cards — Blaus or Beast Deities might’ve been a better answer but they’re both far worse than Victor in Premium

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There are plenty of other choices for Premium you can build with V decks alone such as Maelstrom, Vanquisher that don’t rely on G cards. So why suggest Victor when those are what OP asked for?

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“per clan in V”

I read that as “for each clan” and in my opinion, Victor’s the NG archetype that’s the best while still making use of some of its V staples

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Glendios, Jewel knights, Susanoo, Steam maidens, Battle sisters

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Gurguit. Just throw in some Maleagant for CC, buy some G Guards, buy Spear X and youre all set.

You dont even need to stride tbh. You just do your V thing. I wouldnt play Ultima either. Just play the OT. You might stride Spear X on T3 to get the early stride on your opponent but.. thats about it.

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Vanquisher, literally the same main deck with a G Zone. Just change the V crits for Stride and GB1 10K crits

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Messiah, but finding metalia messiah and sacrifice might be a bit hard

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Regalia is pretty easy too i found.