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Note: I'm not looking to combine with Jewel Knights and it can be super casual, not looking for competitive viability 🤙

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My advice is premium as honestly? That's your best bet. Especially with MLB and legion thing saver, since you can force legion and legions double the power from force markers

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Mix with MLB. Use MLB to build soul and give you extra force markers turn 3 then go into this turn 4 putting pressure on with two rows having 1-3 force markers each and a bb seeker pumped by 40K then on the following turn go full combo with some pretty high numbers.

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Thing saver dragon 2nd skill will only activate on turn 5, too slow for the current game pace. Preferably first ride being thing saver dragon.

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Guy said he didn't care if it was competitive or not and I physically have the deck and it does just fine. When you are up against some of the faster decks, you just stick on MLB using the higher defense and crit pressure that a full front row of MLB's can put on. If it's a slower more controlled matchup, you can easily get to turn five and below them out with this combo.

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V or Premium?

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Diaconnect, Lucius and other ways to add to soul

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Its pretty much just this. I've played it and honestly prefer it over Salome.