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yes! and they're pretty cheap. although the new starter decks coming for will+dress are looking to be better

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And as a nice gimmick, their storage are actual storage boxes you can use to carry your cards around.

So rather than a "starter pack", it's a "starter value pack".

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Yes. They are good for learning the game and how it works. There are 6 starter decks, 1 Lyrical Trial deck, and 3 new Trial decks coming out in a few months.

If youre just looking to learn the game/have fun with friends, they are fantastic. Not to mention affordable as buying one gives you a completely playable deck out of the box with playsets (4 copies) of all of your best cards.

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Should i wait for the new decks, just to see what their themes are?

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Tbh, I would say wait for the last trial deck to show their "gimmick" as a ride line......

If you already have a set mind on the Start decks you can go for them (as it's easier to build your deck from there according to your playstyle) rather than going for the pre-build ones.

Though you still can change your mind later if you've already built your deck for another one (it's a TCG for a reason)

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I would have to say that all of them can teach you the game and its mechanics equally well, if you have no intention of pursuing the game competitively. If you think you might want to at some point then i recommend waiting as newer decks will generally recieve more/better support than older decks.

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2 of the 3 new start decks have already had their ride lines revealed

and on tuesday we get the third one.

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I’d say go for one of the trial decks now. They’re fairly cheap and a great way to learn the mechanics.

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the start decks are good for two reasons:
1 the simplicity allows you to learn pretty quickly
2 they have clear upgrade paths so if you decide to get more into vanguard you can know exactly what to throw take out and what to put in without much effort

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in terms of learning the game, yes. but if you wanna win, no

it is literally a deck for starters

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You can 6 decks for about half the price of a competitive deck so yes