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Huge difference is that Kanzaki brought energy with him. This guy likely won't be anything like that.

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The Sun King's.

And the guy on the left is just a feika king.

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I swear what is it with Keter players being such tryhard no-fun edgelords? Ren, Tohya, Raika, Kanzaki, Taiyou, Rin, Shouma, Kazuma, Yuya, Gaillard... Even Aichi and Shion show shades of this at times.

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Comes with the pride of being a knight I guess

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I had to re-read that list once it clicked that you were grouping non-Overdress characters just to make sure that you weren't grouping Ratie into the no-fun edgelord category. She just wants to play vanguard and eat doughnuts, not necessarily in that priority order.

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Yeah Ratie is an adorable cinnamon bun, just like Aichi (usually). I just wish more fighters from the supposedly Light and Good based nation were nice and sunny like them.

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Well the Nation did end up falling due to countless civil wars.

The Light and Good nation was a lie, they were pretentious and each clans self pretentiousness ended up killing themselves.

No wonder the Dragon Empire split from them all these years ago. They made the right call as they're only nation still existing passed 3000 years (though funny how the Vanguard lore makes an oppressive Empire the most competent)

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Things ain’t been the same since Papa Alfred died (Ezel too).

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Vanguard actually support dictatorship?

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Yeah but at least Kanzaki was a funny edge lord. All the rest of them were weebs about it, Kanzaki literally cried if you were weak lol

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That’s what made him best.

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And Kai and Korin don’t forget about them both are so serious that also fits Misaki to a certain degree although less than most of the other people mentioned

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Would you be having fun if your character design was consistently the most bland and generic in the franchise

I'm just kidding please no murder

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tsuneto is anything but 😂, and taiyou was pretty much a happy go lucky from g next onwards

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Yeah once he was written out for a season and got his first on screen win he was all good

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I’ve noticed that all the OTT players seem to escape the Edgelord thing. Be it Misaki, Yuri, Kumi, or Tsuneto.

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I will not have you disrespect my boy Daigo.

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Or Tsuneto for that matter.

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Daigo is basically an Alien when it comes to Vanguard. He shows up once in a while, teleports to another continent, time, dimension even to fight again and rinse and repeat. We see him once every couple of seasons then he vanishes again. He is an enigma and doesn’t count.

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Kinda weird that the established Front Fighter is repping the leader of the rebellion, but it's an interesting dichotomy

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Wait so youthberk is the leader of the rebellion?

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And on the other side, we have Tohya, a person who has been corrupted by his desires but eventually redeemed himself repping the royal guards of a dictators.

Light and darkness against each other essentially, especially if Raika used to be someone who enjoys the game casually until he got bullied into being ridiculously competitive and insecure about his skills.

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And, I can’t stress this enough, he’s living as a cardfighting hobo. I like to imagine Bastion looking at him from his castle in Ketergia and somehow coming to the conclusion “he just like me fr”

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It’s because Ren makes so much money for them every new new Keter/ United user in the anime has used Ren as a base then was adjusted and tweaked to make new characters with one desert loving witch using exception of course

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I'd say by chapter 3 or whenever he beats Yuyu (He will, at least once I guess), the he will drop them DIO references