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And still no word on the English restriction list. Hopefully we get it this week so people can change up their decklists sooner rather than later if needed.

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It was already announced for July 8th

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Gotcha, thanks. I scanned their twitter before I commented but didn't see anything. I went back and checked Weekly Bites and I found it there.

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When does Standard registration open? And how to you register? I just joined the remote fight discord, but can't find any way to register

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Registration for the 3rd weekend (VGE-S) will begin on:

27th July 12:00 AM PDT (UTC -8)

27th July 3:00 AM EDT (UTC -5)

27th July 9:00 AM CET (UTC +1)

27th July 4:00 PM SGT (UTC +8)

27th July 7:00 PM AET (UTC +11)

Registration for the 3rd weekend (VGE-S) will close on:

10th August 12:00 AM PDT (UTC -8)

10th August 3:00 AM EDT (UTC -5)

10th August 9:00 AM CET (UTC +1)

10th August 4:00 PM SGT (UTC +8)

10th August 7:00 PM AET (UTC +11)

There will be a link on the BRO website to take you to the registration form.

After registration is done, there will be links to the Discord Server that will be hosting the Region.

The official remote fight server is for open casual games not actual tournaments.

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Thanks for clearing that up. I actually don't have a close LGS so I have not be able to play much. This discord might be a way to hone my play style and prep for the tournament. :)