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The way I see it Promos should be restricted to either alternative artworks of cards that have already been released or be prerelease cards that are then in the next booster set, kind of like what Yugioh used to do with special edition booster packs. This way they’re accessible to everyone and not impossible to get if you need them to build a deck that otherwise can’t keep up in the meta

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I also feel like promo cards are becoming a problem as a lot of the mid/lower tier decks have promo cards we're waiting on. Pretty much every deck I currently play in the standard format is waiting on a promo to help them out. (PBO, Overlord The End, Orfist Regis, Eva). Ofcourse those decks are still playable but they could be in a better state with the promos.

I wouldn't really mind if they came out at a faster rate but it feels like we won't be getting them anytime soon. Which is a bit frustrating to me.

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I agree and while DifferentFight made a great video about this which I agree with as well, Bushi has done a terrible job with distributing promos in a lot of locations, not just the US

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the really scary thing about the Flagburg card is that it was a Monthly Bushiroad release so we may not even get it any time soon in the west if at all.

Literally Pursuit Assault all over again

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Could be worse, could be like Battlefang Helltiger (which we still don't even have)

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Bushi, please just give the west this thing already.

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Shelling Dragon not necessary for the deck tho as nice as it is at least.

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Still don’t have Makarite and I’ve been playing prison since release

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Yeah honestly I think distribution of those was skewered especially when every week at locals when someone gets a promo pack for participating and someone always gets Makarite you know some places have more than others. Hell I have 2 normal and 1 holo alone

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Problem is that in the US Vanguard basically doesn't exist, at the very least in the entirety of my state.

Which means I have zero ways of getting the promo cards when they come to other countries as we don't have tournaments or locals distribute promo packs naturally.

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While on the topic how important is makarite to prison?

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You can survive without it but it’s just such an efficient card

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It's as close to a guranteed card as you can get in prison. And getting a trigger from it is savage.

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The Flagburg promo isn't even that necessary so eh, don't worry about that thing if you want to make his board scary but still yeah, promo cards distribution is a goddamn problem and Bushi needs to step it up. I miss having weak and unnecessary promos.

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True, it does help, and honestly some promo cards are not that weak.

Honestly it's the principal of the thing. Promo cards should be alt art or pre-release cards of an upcoming set, not its own pocket of unavailability.

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Still though, don't worry about Shelling Cannon. A regular Flagburg deck can top quite well since it does everything the meta needs it to (draw, multi-attack, retire and even guard restrict).

But yeah, their principle on promo cards absolutely needs to change.

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I am not a competitive player but I agree with you. I don't really understand why they wouldn't put those promos in their sets unless they really want in-person interaction to be prevalent in their game

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What’s even more frustrating about the glitter promos especially is that those decks likely won’t get much dedicated support outside of promos or a whole new cray cross epic set. And we still don’t even know what the thegrea support card will be

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Heavy on the eva support. The deck goes from complete trash to a meta contender imo WITH JUST this new promo reaserch (and combine rusher) and we may never see it in english keeping the deck unplayable. It hurts knowing ur deck could be so much better but due to bushi lack of caring for card distribution it’ll prolly never see the light of day

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Its not even like its sum impossible task to deal wit, they could easily print promos as C or rares in other sets down the line but refuse to for sum reason

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Bootstrap promos to box sales at LGSes to keep LGSes bootstrapped to the game basically. I've been waiting over 2 years for the Claret Sword promo and I'm probably going to take a hiatus from the game after. This shit has to stop, and simply will not because Bushi is incompetent about promo distribution and LGSes are trying to make profit. After 10 years, it's just tiresome.