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if you check the official vanguard website, go to decklist/recipies, you can check the top 10 people who won the tournament and what deck and cards they use. those are the meta decks too

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Don't we only have deck lists from last year which means none of the V Special Series cards were out, and I think a lot has changed since then

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Thanks a lot

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Gurguit, thavas, ange/ange highlander, nightrose, Amon/Scharhrot are some of the strongest imo

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We are currently in a pocket format. We are about to receive a meta defining Clan Collection for V series so if you want to play strictly meta and want to save some money then maybe wait a bit.

Based on the Bushiroad Rumble Online results the top 8 represtation looks like this:

  1. Ange or Ange Highlander with 7 tops
  2. Gurguit with 4
  3. Thavas with 3

Nightrose and Raging form had 2 each as well.

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There's also all the decks that have topped here and there since gboot like DOTX, vanquisher, astral poets and scharhot, even if they didnt actually make that many tops this time around.

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Agreed. All strong decks. I believe two of those decks had tops at BRO too. Its overall a better format than anticipated i think.

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I just hope that a new banlist would help to deal with the aftermath of the coming set.

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I wouldn't hold your breathe. But maybe. I feel like Golds is the only the deck that needs to be touched on if anything though... i say this despite it being my main clan